Five fun things to do for Valentine’s Day that align with safe COVID-19 policies

Maya Hayne, Dispatch Reporter

This Valentine’s day will be a year not like the rest for so many events that can’t be enjoyed during Covid-19. Even though we are in a pandemic, there are still ways to celebrate Valentine’s day with your loved ones safely.

One fun way to enjoy the outdoors and nature is to visit the Austin Botanical Gardens. This is a fairly big outdoor park with many different and interesting gardens right near Zilker Park.

There are many attractions such as a Zen garden, pioneer village and a small prehistoric garden plus many more other garden areas. Make sure to participate safely and wear your mask. In order to get a reservation tickets must be obtained from their website- Tickets range from $6-8 per person depending on age.

Another fun thing to do but without much interaction with people is to go on a picnic. Picking up food or even making your own and going to one of Austin’s many lovely parks. You could even make a full course meal to bring. There are many nice parks to visit if you need ideas such as Zilker, Circle C metropolitan park, Dick Nichols Park, Auditorium Shores and a few more parks are out there too.

This is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s day during a pandemic. This is completely free and up to you for what you want to bring. Bringing an activity or game to do is also a fun inclusion to a picnic. So, there are limitless options to how it’ll work best for you and your company.

Something for the less outdoorsy people is to go out to a fancy dinner. This is what a lot of couples like doing on Valentine’s day. This is a great idea for many but, there is much limited space at many restaurants and we are still in a pandemic so for many people going out to eat is out of their comfort zone for this time.

If you’re one of the people who isn’t comfortable there still are options. Food picked up from a restaurant and taking it to a beautiful view and eating with your loved one is also a great option. Even eating at home just like you are at your own personal restaurant.

If staying home and cooking is more for you, here is an idea where you can make a tasty treat. Making sweets is a great alternative. Quality time with a loved one can be enjoyed and have fun while doing it. You can even make it a competition or just for fun. There are many different ways you can make this work for you too.

Exchanging gifts that are made by you or bought are also a nice way to celebrate valentine’s day and show your loved ones how much you love them. This doesn’t involve any interaction if that’s how you want to celebrate. No matter if the gift is big or small or handmade it’s a great way to show your love. You could drop off the presents or give them in person in order to participate safely.