Classism in sustainable fashion and how to get around it


Maya Hayne, Reporter

Classism in fashion has been going on for many years. For years the highest form of fashion would be something only people that were wealthy could afford. As time passes more and more options come up for cheaper fashionable options. Brands are slowly becoming less of a big deal. But even though more affordable brands are becoming ethical, there are still a lot of unethical businesses that are very mainstream fashion now. 

     To be fashionable is not what brands you are wearing it is how you style yourself and present the pieces. Fashion has become very restricted to who can wear what by the prices.

    To shop sustainably on a budget can be really hard. Having no budget you could get anything you want but, due to the limited options of ethical brands in an affordable price is not much. Our environment is slowly deteriorating everyday and we need to do anything we can to fix it. Even if it is just buying things second hand or from ethical companies. But, sometimes it’s really not that easy, ethical brands can have really pricey things many people can’t afford. Many people want to be able to buy clothes that are good for the environment. 

   If you fall under the category of wanting to shop ethically but, you don’t know how and where to start. Going thrift shopping is a great and affordable way to get clothes you like without harming the environment. Or even just slowly stopping buying from fast fashion brands like Forever 21, Shein, and Fashion nova are just a few.

     If thrifting just isn’t your thing but you still wanna shop ethically there still are many brands out there that make clothes that are recycled and better for the environment. Doing research on brands before you purchase things is a good way to tell which brands to stay away from. Some well known brands are Patagonia, People tree, Reformation, and many more. These places can be fairly pricey but, there are still more options to choose from besides those. 

     Another great option to shop is using apps like Depop, Mercari, Ebay, and Poshmark where you can sell your second hand items or new items online. This makes a great alternative to thrifting. It’s like thrifting but without going anywhere and having a larger section to choose from. You can still even buy new clothes people don’t want anymore but, this is a great way to shop more ethically but still get what you want. Prices can be affordable or not. All of the prices are decided by the people who list them, so you could hit a major jackpot in something you want. 

   Shopping ethically on a budget is harder than having no budget but it’s not impossible to do. As fashion becomes more available to everyone there will be so much more opportunities.