2021 Grammy nominations fail to recognize “After Hours” by The Weeknd


Amorah Schultze

“After Hours” marks The Weeknd’s fourth studio album, containing one of the most popular songs of 2020: “Blinding Lights.”Although the album was not recognized at the Grammys, The Weeknd was the lead performer at the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show.

Dimitri Silva, Dispatch Reporter

On Nov. 24, The Record Academy released the 2021 Grammy nominations, and many fans were shocked to see The Weeknd, a popular R&B and Pop artist, landing zero nominations for his fourth studio album “After Hours”. The rage was expressed by the Weeknd himself as he posted several statements on social media on the “rigged” state of the Grammys.

“I do not really understand how The Weeknd can have zero nominations,” Sophomore Ethan McMahon said. “He had one of the most popular songs and albums of the year. It just does not make sense.” 

This is not the first time the Grammys had a controversial nomination list. Just two years ago Travis Scott released his third studio album “Astroworld” which lost to Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy” album. McMahon was shocked by the decision.

“I think that the Grammys have never been accurate, especially this and two years ago with Travis Scott’s Astroworld,” McMahon said. “It compared a masterpiece to a dull, more boring album.”

An argument many people make on this situation to justify the Grammy nominations is that The Weeknd has already won many such recognitions. The Weeknd has had 37 total award nominations and out of those 37, he has won nine unique awards. 

“I do not think the amount an album sold accurately portrays how talented an album or song actually is,” Sophomore Zach Scoriano said. “It comes down to whoever decides the nominations and their opinions on the albums or songs.”

The Grammys go through hundreds of songs and tons of albums every year. They have tons of categories to choose a small number of songs to go in those categories. The Weeknd, as mentioned earlier, expressed his feelings on the absence of his Grammy nomination, on social media. 

“I think that he has a right to be mad,” McMahon said. “He got robbed of one of the main goals of an artist so I think he should be mad. The Weeknd has been a prevalent artist for a long time and a nomination from them this year would have made sense.”

The Weeknd, despite not receiving a nomination, still has a chance to express his feeling where millions will be watching. The Super Bowl halftime show this NFL season will host The Weeknd as its leading artist

“I think that he chose a Super Bowl performance over a Grammy nomination,” Scariano said. “Due to the recent amount of posts on social media about how he did not receive a nomination, I think it is almost certain he calls out the Grammys during the show possibly backlashing them.”