Austin ISD class cancellation

New update: There is no longer virtual classes on Friday. Classes have been cancelled.

Due to the the wake of unprecedented winter weather and storm advisories, Austin ISD will be canceling classes and work Tuesday, Feb. 16, Wednesday, Feb. 17, Thursday, Feb. 18, and Friday, Feb. 19. 

As internet and power outages may affect individuals ability to provide learning or attend classes, there will be no remote instruction on those days (Tuesday, Feb. 16, Wednesday, Feb. 17, Thursday, Feb. 18, and Friday, Feb. 19).

Senior Mariah Barsotti in the AISD community feels that it is important that schools are cancelled to maintain equal education opportunities.

“I believe it’s important that school is canceled so that students do not fall behind because of internet problems or the temperature inside and outside,” said Barsoitti. “In order to educate everyone fully, we must all be educated as equally as possible, and canceling classes is a good step to help ensure that.”

Many members of the AISD community have been affected by the power outage. Senior Maddie Vires’s neighborhood has been faced with outages.

“I know that my neighborhood specifically has been having constant power outages throughout the day which will most likely continue until the weather calms down,” said Vires. “Having in person school with the weather being like this would also be extremely dangerous because the roads are icy and not safe to drive on.”

The City of Austin has activated cold weather shelters and warming centers for as long as conditions dictate. For more information, call 512-305-4233.

The weather conditions will be monitored. To stay updated, it is advised that students and staff visit the Austin ISD website or follow Austin ISD on social media. It is encouraged to refer to local and public safety news for weather  updates.

Austin ISD will apply for a waiver from the Texas Education Agency to avoid the need of a bad weather makeup day. This will be communicated to students and staff at a later date.

This story will be updated with more information.