Is ordering food safe right now?

Sophia Sanchez, J1 Reporter

Covid-19 has put all of our lives on pause. This includes going out into largely populated areas and relaxing at a restaurant. However, restaurant owners are aware of this fear and have made it possible to ensure everyone’s safety.

The potential spread and infection of the virus are keeping people from letting others cook for them. Some are even uncomfortable with takeout orders. I believe that ordering food is safe as long as you know about the place you are ordering from.

Most restaurants are taking the pandemic very seriously because they want to make others feel safe. Restaurants have made it so people must wear masks if they are to be dining inside, and they have also made take-out accessible.

People can order online and go to pick the order up if they are comfortable walking inside for a bit. Other restaurants bring the takeout to the driveway where they have given parking spaces for those ordering. There is also the option of ordering the food right to your house through companies like Uber Eats, Favor, and the like.

The CDC website recommends to call the location and ask questions regarding the delivery. Simple questions like if the workers wear gloves during the preparation of the food, or how they will handle the payment and dropping off the food.

The CDC website says that there is no evidence of getting the coronavirus through consuming food. Even if a person is infected and is handling the food the customers still have little to no chance of getting the virus. Evidence shows that the virus is mainly spread through respiratory droplets like when someone near you sneezes or coughs. Ordering takeout food is not risking your life.

When preparing the food employees have been instructed to wear gloves and a mask to ensure everyone’s safety. Their bare skin never touches the food and they are not breathing directly on to it either. Even when delivering your food most employees are still wearing gloves so the customer does not feel uncomfortable. They are very aware of how deadly this virus is and are making sure that it won’t be spread in their areas.

It makes sense why people are nervous to order food. You don’t know where the delivery person has been that day. You don’t know what people they have been hanging out with and where those people are hanging out with. But the virus does not spread through food. People are wearing masks and gloves to ensure your safety and they don’t stand around and talk and spit at you. They keep the delivery short and professional, so there is no need to be scared when ordering food.

Do your research on the restaurant to double-check that they are being safe with your food. Double-checking will provide you safety and ease. Make sure to wear a mask when picking up the food as well so the employees won’t be at risk of catching the virus.

Restaurants have been extremely careful because of this virus and will continue to be. They have given multiple options for picking up food, and are wearing the proper gear when cooking. They make sure that you are safe as well as themselves. Ordering food is safe and should not be a topic that freaks out others.