CyberPunk review

Carter Scruggs, Commentary Editor

CyberPunk 2077, the one major blockbuster set to come out this year, finally released, and I was eager to sink my teeth into it. As of this review I’m about 20 hours into the game. I’ve been excited for this game for quite a long time, ever since I saw the original poster art a few years ago, I knew I was pretty psyched for this to come out. The game had/has been in development for a long time, which usually isn’t the best sign for a game but nonetheless the hype was building. Now I am lucky enough to have a next gen console and an older gen one so I was able to directly compare their performance.

To start the game has been delayed quite a lot and honestly could have been due to be pushed back maybe a month or two more as there are so many bugs it kinda hinders the experience. As someone who has played many of the mainline Bethesda games to my heart’s content, bugs are something that I’m quite used to, and while they are annoying they truly are not the end of the world on next gen.

When the game works, I would say it’s probably one of the best RPGs i’ve played in a long time, the graphics are quite decent on next gen and the frames are pretty consistently smooth. The combat is very fun, while maintaining some degree of difficulty, and one of the better parts of the game is the character building system.Its got your usual branching upgrades, but the system is quite in depth and seems like it should allow for a lot of replayability.

Another area of the game that allows for replayability is in the lifepath system, while all of the stories converge and are quite similar in the long run, I still wondered what dialogue options could have been had in certain missions in the game, that better suited those life paths and I will probably start another game to do just that.

All that said, the main talking point about the game is performance on previous gen consoles, specifically the PS4 and Xbox One. It really is somewhat inexcusable for it to be as bad as it is on last gen, especially since that is where a majority of console owners are, seeing as next gen consoles just released this past November. I probably half of my total time on the previous gen, and rough is quite an understatement, the max stabilization for the game is probably around 25 frames, in low traffic areas, not to mention the massive amounts of texture pop in, and low poly textures present.

The game has also understated the min specs to get a respectable performance out of pcs, as many mid tier pcs still can’t really run the game. And it’s not like this game is graphically something we haven’t really seen before, and while the optimized graphical versions for next gen are set to come out early next year the graphics right now are pretty much on the same level as games such as “Arkham Knight”, and “Red Dead Redemption 2”,games that came out years ago that look and run much better on lower powered consoles and pcs.

Overall the whole experience at the moment is quite tragic if you only have access to a last gen console or you don’t have quite the machine for pc.Though the game really shouldn’t have even been released at this point, and CDPR say they are devoted to fixing the plentiful amount of bugs and glitches, and at this point we kinds just have to take their word for it.