Four festive things to do that align with COVID-19 policies.

Maya Hayne, Dispatch Reporter

With the upcoming holidays, the pandemic has caused many activities to change. Some are online, while others have certain requirements to remain in person, but rest assured, the holiday festivals will still go on.

The Trail of Lights have been going on for fifty-six years. For many families this is a yearly tradition. Due to the pandemic it can’t be experienced the way it used to be but, this year there will be a drive through Trail of Lights. There is exclusive access on November 28 and it officially starts on November 29, the event will go until January 3. The cost for admission is $60 without tax for premium admission and 25-35$ for regular admission depending on what time it’s scheduled. There is a map on the Trail of Lights website with a layout of the event. The website has many other important information and can be found at-

Another enjoyable holiday experience is the Ballet Austin’s Nutcracker. Like many other events this will be held covid-19 safe and will be online. This year to be able to enjoy the performance you must purchase the viewing from their website. For on demand viewing for $30 you can watch the performance from December 12-20. There also is a package for $100 which has many add ons which include interviews, holiday guides, and bonus material. There is more information on

A fun event that any age can enjoy is the Mozart’s Coffee light show. It is a fun show and will be entertaining for multiple age groups. There is a huge display of several different festive lights. Since there is a pandemic in order to enjoy this event you must reserve a table online. It is $10 per table for parties up to six people. To be able to attend you must pick one time slot from 6-11 p.m. on the day you would like. Food will be available either 72 hours before your arrival or there will be food available for purchase at the event. For more information-

If you like live performances, the Zach Theatre holiday concerts could be something you would enjoy. The event is called A Rockin Holiday Concert, it will be socially distanced and you can buy your tickets on their website ranging from $92-433. These tickets go up in price as you add more people, they start off at three being the lowest number up to six. There is numerous times available and can be fun for families. There will be a mix of holiday classics and other rock and roll songs that will bring Christmas spirit. There will be a couple of different singers and you will need to bring you own seats. For more information

During Covid-19 many traditions have changed but the holidays can still be enjoyable. With these safer options, traditions can still go on while being safe.