Students receive more homework during online school


Shruti Patel

As school has become virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students are receiving more homework.

Cassidy Pesek, Reporter

Since the 2020 school year started in the middle of a global pandemic, students and teachers had to get used to mainly using the internet for school and work related assignments. With remote learning there’s obviously still going to be homework and assignments that teachers expect their students to do in order to make a good grade.

Homework, to some students, has always been dreadful knowing that assignments are just being added to the pile of uncompleted work that has already been assigned and are waiting to be completed. Although remote learning was expected to be an easier alternative than in-person school, homework and assignments now have to be completed at home, so it may seem like there’s double the homework. Homework most of the time has to be assigned to the students via blend, or other online resources, and also submitted through the same way.

Using online resources also leaves the teacher to decide exactly when homework should be due by. Meaning, teachers could easily make the assignments due the same day it’s assigned because it’s all virtual rather than being in-person where some assignments would be due the next class, which would usually give the students more than one day to complete it.

While being at home trying to complete various assignments, there’s always going to be easy distractions, a big one being electronics. It’s also much more possible for students to procrastinate til the last minute and even feel unmotivated to complete homework seeing that we’re in the environment of our own homes, and just want to relax once the school day is over.

With remote learning there comes a lot of freedom. It’s not like being in-person where teachers are in the same room to make sure their students are staying focused and doing their work. Because there’s no monitoring, students are likely to go off and do other things that don’t involve homework that was assigned by the teacher. With this, homework could build up overtime and become more stressful than it already is to some.

Depending on the teacher, and new material being learned, Zoom meetings could possibly go on for an hour or more. Some teachers just need the time to go over the new material, assign work, and make sure there’s no confusion. Once that’s over, students may be allowed to leave the Zoom meeting and are then expected to complete homework assignments asynchronously. Again, going back to students not being monitored like they would be during in-person, this leaves the student to do things such as going back to sleep, or scrolling through social media until the next class instead of completing their homework.

It also depends on the student whether they get their homework done or not, some students are better than others at time management and prioritizing school. Some find it easier to complete homework right after class is done, or hold off on it until the last minute. Online school and homework during this time has become a new challenge and is definitely something that students and teachers will have to get used to eventually.