Will Russell Wilson be the next NFL MVP?

Samuel Vane, J1 Reporter

In my opinion, the MVP of the NFL season as of week 8 is Russell Wilson and I will prove this through statistics, facts and logic.

Wilson is having an insane season, he is number one in touchdowns with 26 and his team has already had their bye week.. He also statically has the highest chance out of all QBs to throw a touchdown every play (.09), and against top-10 opponents he has thrown for 388 yards per game, again number one in the league.

He also leads the league in touchdowns thrown over 20 yards and over 40 yards. Wilson is also second in pass yards per completion, number one in average QBR, and when trailing in a game has a 94.5 QBR also first in the league.

Wilson has shown immense poise when trailing as that is what separates the men from the boys when the chips are down and you need a TD Wilson delivers and does it when it counts.

Now let’s talk about this from a NFL stand point. The NFL usually wants to make the most money out of their MVP pick and they want the most people to watch him. Wilson’s games have been close almost every week and have been on prime time TV almost every week. This benefits Wilson as NFL MVP voters will get more time to watch Wilson play over other MVP candidates like Aaron Donald or Patrick Mahomes.

Another reason why he will get MVP is because of his team performance. Like I said earlier, Wilson has a lot of close games which leads him to throw the ball more than others which will cause more touchdowns and more yards. When his team is down in a close game with little time left it’s logical he will be more likely to throw a deep pass TD then run the ball with your running back. This will help Russell by something called stat padding, as he will gain stats in places that other candidates won’t get, such as QBR when trailing.

Now the other side of the argument. I think Mahomes isn’t it for two reasons, one he’s had an incredibly easy schedule and has also not been on the field in throwing situations as much as Wilson. Mahomes’ team is always up which is a product of his teammates around him so he’s usually just handing it off to Cylde Edwards-Helaire instead of throwing late game touchdowns like Wilson.

This hurts Mahomes a lot in the long run because his stats won’t look nearly as good to the naked eye compared to Wilson’s stats. Mahomes has also not had the rushing TD’s that Wilson has. I think this is a by-product of the play calling which isn’t his fault but does affect his MVP chances in the long run.

Another reason why Wilson should win is that the MVP doesn’t go to the best player in the league if that was so Aaron Donald would have two right now, but it goes to who is having the best season so nothing matters except these 16 games not last year or the year before that, just. this. year. So try to think solely this year nothing else just this year’s performance and I think you will come to my conclusion.

Now onto Donald, only two non-offensive NFL players have won the MVP those being Lawerence Taylor and Alan Page. To win the award as a defensive player is almost impossible as you need to outperform offensive players by a crazy amount, which is hard as there are more stats for an offensive player than there are a defensive one, for example QBR and completion percentage.

Donald also hasn’t had nearly as much national exposure as the other guys in the MVP race since the Rams aren’t a big money maker for the NFL they are less likely to give them primetime spots over teams like the Chiefs, Cowboys, or Seahawks who are the NFL’s big money makers.

In all Russell Wilson is the MVP he has done things that may never be done again by an NFL player and because of that I think he should be the MVP of the 2020-2021 NFL season.