Fall Extravaganza

Natalie Cullen and Izzy Rejino

After a long period of virtual only events, the 2020 Fall Extravaganza was held by several fine arts departments to showcase a series of performances by the band, color guard, and dance teams. 

“My favorite part of the extravaganza was getting to see both the JV dancers and the silver stars perform,” Senior Color Guard Captain Mariah Barsotti said. “A lot of times each of our organizations are wrapped into our own work, so getting to watch them was really nice.

The event marks one of the first school gatherings of the year. Seniors from all departments were recognized for their hard work and dedication. 

“My favorite part of the performance was being able to watch all the seniors dance and get recognized”, Junior Silver Star Avery Andrade said. “I can’t imagine how they feel about not being able to get a normal school year. I also liked that everyone that can’t make it to football games to watch us during halftime were able to come to the extravaganza and see everything we’ve been working on this year so far.”

All members in the different departments have been preparing for this event all year. Teams and organizations practiced both via Zoom and socially distanced practices. 

“We’ve been preparing these dances since august,” Andrade said. “We learned all of them through a video the directors sent us, and we would get on zoom as a team. Then we would clean them and go over them in breakout rooms with our officers. When it came to in person practice, the only thing we had to worry about was making it look visually pleasing and formations.” 

Despite COVID-19, all departments managed to find new ways to learn to come together this year. 

“For my first year, this wasn’t what I was expecting,” Freshman band member Mason Lilley said. “My first year is going good, but there’s a lot of work to be done.”

All departments are trying to stay positive this year, and this show allowed students to showcase their hard work so far this year. 

“Our directors have been working really hard both virtually and in person to make sure we are ready for performance,” Barsotti said. “We are looking forward to opportunities in the rest of the year.”