Opinion : The platforms behind the 2020 candidates


Dylan Ebs

A guide to voting for the upcoming election.

Dylan Zellner, Reporter

The United States presidential election has never been perfect. We have had a spectacular range of candidates whether good or bad, but the thing about our elections is they always have revolved around our country’s current issues.

Our country has dealt with terrorists, wars, economic crises, protests, etc. When the election rolls around, there is always something we all take into account when electing a president.

Now it feels like there is a never-ending abyss of issues that no one wants to dive into. This election is important now more than ever because of all the issues it seems our country is facing and because our candidates are unable to communicate.

When you look back at the 2016 presidential election there wasn’t a lot going on. The main event any of us can even remember was Trump winning the electoral college and being named President. When we look back to all of our past elections, we can’t find a lot of meaningful issues that are focused on our own government.

In affirmation to a CBS article titled 16 stories that defined 2016, some of the main events that happened weren’t a direct result of our government; there was the Syrian Civil War, Brexit, a Zika outbreak, police shootings, other shootings and droughts. Almost all the notable issues from that  election never came from the inside of our own government.

2020 has brought out so many issues from our own government that they all have to be taken in account for who we want to run our country for the next four years. We have a pandemic that hasn’t been dealt with efficiently.

According to John Hopkins Research Center, the United States has more Covid-19 patients than India with about a 1.25 billion population difference. It seems almost as if all these issues have blown up more than they ever have before, and they did so just in time for the election.

Our election this year seems like the place that will solve all our problems. Some believe that if we choose the right candidate, they will save America and fix those issues. The issue with that is the president we elect will only have four years, meaning they can’t solve all the problems, but still have plans for many.

According to a BBC news article titled Donald Trump policies: Where does the president stand on key issues?, President Trump mainly speaks of financial and economic issues, but doesn’t only speak of economic issues. Trump signed the First Step Act to reform the criminal justice system. He plans on following that up with more acts to come, but he’s not the only one with a plan.

According to a BBC news article titled Joe Biden: Where does Joe Biden stand on key issues?, Joe Biden mainly focus on social issues, such as education, health and race. He also speaks of economic issues as well where he plans on raising the minimum wage and investing in more green energy.

Both candidates have different priorities, but still have plans for a the issues that make this year important and will affect everything that is important to our country and its citizens.

Finally, in order to vote, a registered voter can go to the physical polls and submit their ballot there. When you go to the polls in your designated area you have to bring a photo ID; a driver’s license will work. On the off chance you can’t find a photo ID you will have to sign a sworn statement that there’s a reason you don’t have your photo ID, and then bring another form of identification.

The only way this election will mean something is if every American’s voice is heard and if every American discusses their opinions to find some common ground as well as come up with an idea the majority can get behind. Every American needs to actually put effort into making their voice heard as well as their opinions on important issues. Only then will the issues that our country is facing be come closer to being solved.