Modifications in the A/B calander


Shruti Patel

New changes have been made to the A/B schedule. Check out the jbhs website to see the updated calendar.

Shikha Patel, Online Editor-in-Chief

Adjustments have been made to the 2020-2021 A/B calendar. Friday, September 18 will now be a B-day meaning students will attend periods 5-8. The A/B schedule of the next four Fridays have also been changed. Linked below is the 2020-2021 A/B official schedule. In addition to the A/B schedule change, the PSAT has been rescheduled to Jan 26. This applies to all students in freshman, sophomore and juniors. On March 3, Juniors will take the SAT at Bowie. The test will be paid for by the district. Lastly, the 2021 class graduation has been scheduled for 7 p.m. on June 3. 

A/B Schedule: Link to calendar