Student Council elections for the 2020-2021 school year will be held virtually

Arushi Sharma, Dispatch Reporter

Because of extended school closures, many end of year events and traditions have been postponed, modified, or canceled completely. One of the many important events that have been affected by the cancellation of school are elections for the Student Council, an annual occurrence that lets rising juniors and seniors run for vice president and rising seniors run for president.

Although students cannot go back to school for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year, elections for the Student Council the 2020-2021 school year are still happening but in a different way. Elections will be held virtually, through campaign videos sent in by students running for an officer position. 

“Whether it’s helping teachers set up their classrooms, or helping clean up our building, or preparing the Homecoming Dance, we have to be ready with a group of student leaders, Student Council Sponsor Kaylin Brett said. 

This school year is Brett’s first year as the Student Council sponsor. She expressed that it’s important for students to be a leader in their community because they can make a beneficial impact. 

“I think students can make a difference, and I think the student voice is powerful,” Brett said. “Students who work hard, collaborate, and lead can make big changes for our campus and community.”

In order to participate in the elections, students must join the BLEND Course Page for Student Council and fill out a Student Council Officer Interest Form before Friday, May 8. 

“Candidates are now having to create a video to promote their qualities and ideas for Bowie,” Brett said.

Students must create and upload a campaign video to the BLEND Page before Monday, May 11. 

“[For the voting process,] all Bowie staff and current freshmen, sophomore, and junior students will be eligible to vote in the elections,” Brett said. “This will work exactly the same as last year. The online ballot will be emailed to the teachers and to the students through their Naviance accounts. They will click the link, and submit their ballot online.” 

Because of the physical isolation, students may feel that it might be harder to run their campaign: however,  Brett feels differently. 

   “In the past, candidates gave out candy and buttons without actually discussing the items they want to focus on at Bowie,” Brett said. “It won’t be about who has the best candy, but now be about who has the best ideas and leadership qualities.”

Between May 11 and May 22 students can advertise their campaign through The Dispatch and their own social media. 

“For campaigning I plan to use social media because it’s a really great way to reach people,” junior Lily Campsmith said. 

Campsmith was one of the vice president’s this year and she’s running again with an important focus.

“I am running because I really just want to help make Bowie the best it can be and I feel like it’s really important to give the students a voice because we go to Bowie every day and know what goes on firsthand,” Campsmith said. 

Having elections right now instead of the Fall was important to Brett and the current Student Council team. 

“My current Student Council voted, and we decided to hold elections before the end of the school year because we want to be prepared for the Fall, Brett said.” “If we wait to hold elections, then it will take about a month before we have student leaders ready to help transition back to campus. It is better if we have the group ready and prepared.”

With the important roles that come with being president of Student Council, Junior Blake Guerra explained that he is excited to have the opportunity to run for the position.

“I want the students to understand that I’m going to fight for their best interest, and truly  take into account what would be best for the majority of students at Bowie,” Guerra said. “For example, in this time where communication between students and teachers is a little bit strained due to COVID-19, I’d like to speak with teachers and admin about how we can improve studen-t teacher communication so that students can have the best opportunity to succeed.”

Because the campaign is online this year, Guerra plans to use alternative methods to help advertise his campaign. 

“Social media is a very powerful tool, and it’s something I plan to take full advantage of during the course of my campaign,” Guerra said.

Despite having online elections, Brett still wants any student who are interested to be a part of the Student Council. 

“If you love Bowie, you work hard, and love to be involved, apply. Student Council makes up the campus leaders,” Brett said. “We have so many fun opportunities to make our campus and culture great.”