TikTok’s effect on teenage culture


Maya Hayne

Tik-Tok is a video-sharing social networking service that many students have become more and more obsessed with.

Maya Hayne, Reporter

TikTok is a major social media platform that over 5 million people use. Many users just watch other people’s videos or create their own. Some people could think that TikTok is bad, but it is a good app overall.

Any user can get ‘the hype’, which is gaining a lot of followers fast over a couple of videos or one, you just have to make the right video. This is good because it can give anyone the chance to get ‘the hype’ you’ll just need to work for it.

But with that causes a problem, some people can get canceled as fast as they get the hype. Canceling isn’t always the best because one thing that you’ve done in the past could end your whole career on TikTok. Also, people are quick to assume things on this app.

Things could get assumed for the worst and this could give anyone a bad reputation. Seeing or hearing something that wasn’t what you thought it was could start something that could end badly. But, most people try to stay away from drama.

Viral trends are one of the main reasons these app impact teens every day. These viral trends have swept across the platform having millions of people doing these trends. Some of these trends include dancing which could be a self choreography or learned choreography from other sources. Another example of a trend on Tik Tok is a way to film videos, such as different transitions during videos, that have gotten popular.

Another thing that could impact users positively is seeing how other people do things. Some videos that you see could have something that you would’ve never known about before TikTok. Also, this app can help people find new things that they enjoy and sometimes help people find new passions or share their passions.

Lots of users on TikTok want to participate in these trends causing hundreds of videos to upload. TikTok helps people be able to express themselves and their ideas. I feel like there’s something for everyone on TikTok.

Having so many trends start on TikTok brings more and more users, only helping the platform grow. People hearing these trends from people they know or even just seeing people do it in public. In public, it is not uncommon to hear or see someone doing something TikTok related.

TikTok has effects on everyday teens that are mainly positive but there are some negatives. Either way millions of teens use it every day and it can impact what they do that day. It can help people learn more about other people, be entertained, make their own videos, or help them express their interests.