Racing into a new era


Arushi Sharma

ON YOUR MARKS: Sophomore Yuri Lee spends time the world of Mario Kart, racing against her classmates on the new app.

Robert Torrez, J1 Reporter

The Mario Kart app hit the internet by storm. The app originally came out in Japan and has already been out for a year but it has finally arrived in the United States. 

The game allows players to choose a character from the world of Mario to race throughout different worlds and levels. The game has been a favorite for those who played Mario growing up on different media outlets. 

“What I like about the game is when you get in second [place] then you come back and regain to first place,” freshman Tony Doan said.

Mario Kart was originally made on the varying game consoles, for instance on the 3DS in 2008 and then went to be later released on the  Wii after a while. Then in September of 2019, a new Mario Kart game was released which was more available to users because it was published as a mobile app. 

“I love console more than mobile because it was the original and it was so fun to play with friends and family,” freshman Isabelle Sweet said.

Since the game came out on mobile devices, the controls are different than they were on the Wii or DS controller. Players feared the different device would make it difficult to play. 

“The game isn’t that hard to control, you turn the phone to turn and swipe to use the items,” Doan said. “Basically you should just follow the tutorial.”

Usually, when a new game comes out, it can cause lots of controversy and mixed feelings. Games are a very good way to show your emotions and how you feel.

“Personally it doesn’t cause stress to me but I have seen people who take this game too seriously,” Sweet said. “At lunch, I can hear people yell and scream about this game.” 

Every time a new game comes out and breaks the internet, it usually has a good and a bad part of it. Some people have said that this game is missing some key things from the original. For instance, the original game had a whole cast of beloved characters within the fictional world that hasn’t fully transformed into the mobile app. 

“What I don’t like about this game is that it doesn’t have multiplayer,” Sweet said. “I also don’t like how they don’t have some of the characters from the original like Luigi, Wario and many more.” 

The game can be challenging sometimes and there are puzzles that you need to solve. This is why so many people like video games because they can challenge the mind. On top of the races themselves, the game allows players to compete in ways the original didn’t allow.

“What’s hard is when you compete to try to get in a tournament to win prizes, and every week you have to do something harder to try to get into a new tournament,” Sweet said.