The annual musical premieres


The musical is here, tonight is the premiere so be sure to buy your tickets!! Pictured is Senior Gillian Griffis as she practices for the upcoming musical Big Fish. She plays the role of Sandra Bloom, Edward Bloom’s wife. Photo Courtesty of Anika Scoma.

Shruti Patel, Online Managing Editor

This week is the start of the musical, Big Fish, hosted by the Starlight Theatre Company.

Big fish is a story of Edward Bloom, a man who lives an extraordinary life according to the stories told by his son, Will. However, Will does not think there is any truth to his father’s tells. When Edward’s health begins to decline, Will seeks to find the truth behind the tales. As Will and Edward’s relationship grows more tense and strained, Will must decide whether to accept his father’s wild stories as fact or risk losing him.

Senior Jaden Davis, one of the actors for Edward Bloom hopes this show will be able to express relatable themes to the audience.

“There are a lot of familial themes, but the musical is about a father who tells his son grand stories about himself in order to inspire him,” Davis said.

The musical starts its run on January 16th and continues till January 26th.

“We open January 16th and perform Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Thursday through the 23rd through that Sunday,” Davis said.

Today is the first day of the musical so be sure to attend! For more information on the musical, please visit