Bee keeping brings all the buzz

Isabella May and Lainey Combs

Wu receives grant to continue bee preservation on campus

On Dec. 5 this year, junior Jayden Wu received a $1,500 grant from The Bee Cause Project and Whole Kids Foundation to start a beekeeping club at school. The club will allow students to handle bees kept on campus at the agriculture farm. They will meet twice a month in the afternoon to learn about hive management and honey collecting.

The club is open to all students with no experience required. Wu was featured in the first issue of The Dispatch newspaper with full coverage on his beekeeping.

He started this club because a lot of his friends had shown interest in keeping and thought it might be fun to teach the skills of preserving bees and their respected habitats.

Wu found an interest in bees at a young age and with the help of this family was able to start a beehive in this own backyard.

“I like honey and wanted to start making it myself while helping to protect the bees,” said Wu.

With this club, the students will collect and sell the honey that is made for Wu’s honey business called Jaydens Bee’s. Wu is excited about the new opportunity being brought to campus as it might bring awareness to the beginning endangerment of bees.

“I’m excited to teach students that want to be involved in the club how to bee keep,” Wu said.

Around 15-20 students have contacted Wu showing an interest in being in the club so far and the club continues to recruit new members. They are still looking for a teacher to sponsor them and help with any funding. If you are interested in being involved or are a teacher wanting to sponsor contact Principal Robinson or Wu before Winter Break.