New decorations in the library


Anna Holme

The library has taken on a new initiative to bring in students by creating displays of students favorite selection of books.

Oliva Walker, J1 Reporter

Starting this year, the library has taken on a new initiative to not only bring in students, but to also help celebrate diversity in a bright and colorful way, that also displays our selection of books and literacy our library has to offer.

When walking towards the library, it is typical for people to notice the creative and bright Heritage month decorations posted in the glass window.

The library aide consists of librarian Walker-Leon, volunteers, and lastly the center of this tradition, the person who is in charge of it all, senior Marisa Salazar. 

“I have a fantastic library aide, she is super creative, her name is Marisa Salazar who does that for me.” Walker said.

Salazar came up with the idea for this tradition when she realized that our campus lacks awareness about different ethnic groups and diversity. 

“She’s just so creative and she takes initiative, and she’s just so creative, we don’t even have to really do anything.” 

Salazar makes the decorations herself, with supplies from her house, and pretty much makes everything without the help of others, with the exception of some help from a few hands with carrying supplies and putting them up. 

“It all started when Ms.Floyd mentioned that it was almost Native American Heritage Month. My friend, Michelle and I heard that the Native American population at our school is 0%, so no one was able to organize it. Michelle and I volunteered to take care of it.” Salazar said.

Although most people don’t really pay as much attention to the library as they should, one student in particular does. Freshman Kira Harper always views the displays when she gets the chance to.

` “I go to the library a lot and when I walk by, I see the display in the front. It always catches my eye because of how colorful it is and I love seeing new decorations up each month.” Harper said about the display. 

Though the tradition only started this school year, Salazar and the library aide are uncertain about whether or not the library will continue putting up decorations, as she is leaving the school this year. 

“People go to the library to study, read, goof around or just hang out so I’m not sure if people would want to volunteer to put up displays and posters. I hope that someone will step up and do exactly that so then the library can continue to put stuff up.”Salazar said.