Homecoming Dance


Natalie Cullen

On western day during spirit week, junior Megan Shaver (left) and senior Hannah Bohannan (right) showed their school spirit.

Riley Payne, J1 Reporter

This year’s Homecoming Dance took place on Saturday, October 26. Everyday, the week leading up to the game and the dance is a spirit day. This gets students excited and ready to support their school.These days include tie dye day, animal day, and red out day.

“Spirit days have always been something I enjoyed,” senior and spirit coordinator Lindy Colton said. “I like it even more now that I am able to help advertise and encourage other students to show their school spirit.”

A large amount of students in the school like dressing up and there are over 300 participants.

“I think the spirit days are fun because people actually dress up for them,” sophomore Sarah Dorer said. “I enjoy thinking of all of the things that I can dress up as.”

Students dress up and show their spirit very well with their outfit. Homecoming week is one of the most spirited weeks throughout the entire year. 

“I like coming to school and seeing what other people are wearing because a lot of people go all out which makes the spirit days less awkward,” freshman Cressida Rodriguez said.

Being new to high school, Freshmen were timid about what to wear on the spirit days and to the dance.

“Freshman should dress up for spirit days because it will make them fit in and not feel so uncomfortable as a freshman,” Dorer said. “They shouldn’t worry about the upperclassmen and enjoy hoco and have a good time”

For Freshman, this was their first high school dance. Upperclassman have gone to high school dances before 

“I am very excited to go to my first high school dance,” Rodriguez said. “I am a little nervous to go because I do not know what to expect, but I get to hang out with my friends and see them all dressed up.”

During the dance, groups of friends hang out and talk to each other wearing fancy dresses and outfits.

“I look forward to having a good time with my friends and seeing everyone look nice,” Dorer said. “Last year, I got my nails done and curled my hair for the dance,”  

After Homecoming, students had a different understanding of the dance.  

“Walking into the dance, I felt really happy and excited,” Rodriguez said. “Afterwards, I understood why the dance was something that so many people want to go to, because it was a very fun experience and I had such an amazing time with my friends.”