Ways to prevent bullying

Shikha Patel, Online Managing Editor

Bullying is a common issue that occurs in schools all around the country. Nicole Hepburn, a Lead Counselor, talks about ways students can mitigate this issue. 

When bullying behavior is occurring it is important to not be a bystander, a person who is present at the scene but is not intervening in the situation. 

“Usually when bullying behavior is happening it may just be one or two people doing the bullying behavior but there are several bystanders or witnesses,” Hepburn said. “When students stand up to bullying behaviors and intervene it can go a long way in preventing bullying behaviors and changing the culture of a community or school.”

Bullying awareness is an important issue because bullying behaviors are present in a lot of different places. 

“Research shows that 17% of students have experienced bullying behaviors, this can lead to school attendance issues, changes in behavior for the victim, and mental health concerns,” Hepburn said. “I think what is most sad is in the United States over 160,000 kids stay home each day due to bullying behaviors.” 

There are many ways students can get involved in order to prevent bullying behavior from occurring. 

“Students can also get involved by starting initiatives on campus that promote a positive culture and community,” Hepburn said. “Everyone wants to feel like they belong and that school should be a safe place for them.” 

If a person is being bullied, students can go to any adult, counselor or teacher for any help. 

“If you are experiencing bullying behaviors it is important to tell an adult immediately, a lot of times bullying behaviors are happening and adults are not aware because it is happening through phones or ways that are not visible,” Hepburn said. “Students can always see their counselor if they have any concerns about themselves or others.”