New student news source app

Katie Holme, News Editor

The Dispatch is now available on a new journalist platform

Apps provide user-friendly access to millions of platforms daily. The luxury of accessibility now applies to the Dispatch in which students and staff can access the publication on the new app called Student News Source. Editor-in-Chief of the dispatch Online, Kaitlyn Zellner explains the benefits of the accessibility to her publication and finds it easy to use.

“This new app is a great way for students to access all of our content in a very easy way,” Zellner said. “The website has been designed for computer access, but this app allows mobile access in a very clean way.”

Student News Source is a hub of student journalism around the country and allows users to access publications that use SNO sites. The app features the stories, photos, and videos that are produced by award-winning scholastic journalists.

“I like the app and think that my team and I can specifically look at the app and feel accomplished that our hard work is making an additional accessible product,” Zellner said. “I understand that students are rarely going to search the website for information but now you can easily have everything right on your phone.”

Other features include the ability to subscribe to notifications in which users will be alerted when their favorite publications post new content. Along with notifications users can also interact with content including options to save stories to read later, commenting, and easy access to promote/ share content through other social media platforms. The app is now available for download on Apple and Android platforms.

“I think it would be good for students to download this app because they can see what’s going on around campus or even in the community,” Zellner said. “It is a nice way to see what their friends are writing, what stories include their friends or even themselves. It is also a great way to support our Online publication and the hardworking students who create the content.”