New iPhones leave students wanting more


Anna Holme

Sophomore Zoya Faisal tests the quality of the camera on the newest iPhone.

Ellie Coulston, Reporter

Apple is out with yet another iPhone and it is spreading across Bowie. The iPhone 11, and the iPhone 11 Pro, comes with three different camera lenses with better quality, can get up to five hours of extra battery power, and Apple says it is their strongest and most water resistant phones they have produced yet. 

“I really like the new phone and I’m really happy I got it,” junior Hayden Crawford said. “I like all the updates that come with the phone and the different cameras are fun to take pictures with.” 

The iPhone 11 came out September 20, prices varying from $700 for the iPhone 11 and $1,100 for the iPhone 11 Pro. The new phones have dropped $50 in price in comparison to the last years iPhone release.

“Even though the new iPhone technically dropped in price, it was still pretty expensive and I debated even getting it,” senior Derek Ochoa said. 

The new iPhone comes with many new perks and has multiple upgrades such as multiple color options and continues to produce the Product(Red) which contributes towards the fight against Aids and HIV. 

“When I bought the phone, I had a lot of choices for colors and it was very overwhelming to pick one,” Ochoa said. “I ended up choosing the red phone because it supports a good cause and it also looks cool.”

Though the phone is new and updated, it does still come with some flaws.

“Unfortunately, there are still not enough cameras and lenses. I want a better selfie camera that focuses better on my face so I look even better than before,” senior Jenni Cootes said. “I would also like another selfie camera lenses, for example; one for self timer pictures.” 

The different camera lenses include wide-angle and ultrawide-angle lens with a 120-degree field of view. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro max have both the wide-angle and ultrawide-angle lens and a telephoto lens as well.

“I use the different lenses for lots of different things. Sometimes I use it to take a picture of a really pretty view, and sometimes it is a really pretty mirror selfie,” Cootes said.