Bowie welcomes a new nurse


Cassidy Pesek

New nurse, Mary Smith, looks forward to the new school year at Bowie. She wants to promote good health habits and be a resource for students on campus.

Shruti Patel, Online managing editor

This school year, the Bowie community welcomed a new nurse on campus. Mary Smith is the new nurse on campus who strives to promote wellness throughout the school. She previously worked at Del Valle High School and was one of the two full time registered nurses and a full-time nursing assistant. Here, she is a registered nurse and a part-time clinical assistant.

“I want to promote good health habits and be a resource for students who have chronic medical conditions, temporary illnesses or recent surgeries, or who are injured while at school or even at home,” Smith said.

I hope students will reach out and say hi to me when they see me out and about. I’m the gray-haired gal in the colorful scrubs

— Mary Smith

The transfer to a new school has been busy for Smith, but she feels that things are slowly taking place.

“Here at Bowie, we have one R.N. and a part-time Clinical Assistant so I’ve hit the ground running,” Smith said. “Things are beginning to fall into place.”

Smith encourages students to come visit her and ask questions as needed. She strives to make an impact on student life on campus.

“I can be found in the Bowie Clinic, which is in the area across from the front office where Assistant Principals and Counselors are based,” Smith said. “I get here early, usually by 8:00 am, so I’m available before school and during lunches for students who want to stop by with questions or concerns.”

Smith is working to support students and their needs, as well as finish any paperwork throughout the day.

“My goal is to help students feel better and get them back to class. I am trying to use 3:30 to 4:30 pm as my conference time to catch up on paperwork/charting so I will see students as needed for emergencies during that time,” Smith said. “I am here to serve students and staff members.”

Smith hopes to accommodate students as their needs require.

“I can go to classrooms to transport students to the clinic by wheelchair if needed,” Smith said. “I do not want anyone to pass out or fall on their way to the clinic.”

Dawgs, to welcome Smith to the Bowie community, please drop by her office. We appreciate the new nurse and are excited to welcome her to the campus.

“I hope students will reach out and say hi to me when they see me out and about,” Smith said. “I’m the gray-haired gal in the colorful scrubs.”