New pep rally traditions


Anna Holme

New pep rally traditions taking place at Bulldogs and Hotdogs.

Pep rallies have always been an exciting way to get students hyped up about upcoming school events such as football games. Cheerleaders, Silver Stars, and dance students showcase their talents and humorous games are played with a variety of students. 

Over the years, there have been changes to the events in the pep rallies to keep the event entertaining. As a new tradition, an activity was added where each class chants and whichever grade gets the loudest is rewarded with a football that the class collectively keeps until the next pep rally.

Sophomore Rylie Wells participates in the pep rallies as a JV cheerleader. 

“The new chant tradition brings school spirit up and lets students be more active in the pep rallies,” Wells said. 

Allowing kids to get loud and show pride for their grade keeps them coming back and encourages them to attend Bowie football games.

I really enjoy the pep rallies and the chants for each grade”

— Ally Chahda

“For example, the freshman class will all chant ‘V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that’s our freshman battle cry’ and the other classes will do the same with their grade name,” Wells said.

Only a few select students are chosen to participate in the competitive games that are played, and this is a way to include all students attending the pep rallies. 

 “It easily creates a friendly competition for all grades and it makes everyone get more excited,” Wells said.

Freshman Ally Chahda is a dance student and is preparing to perform at an upcoming pep rally. 

“As a new Bowie student, I really enjoy the pep rallies and the chants for each grade,” Chahda said. “Being able to have a role in the pep rallies is so fun and I love getting loud with my entire class.” 

Pep rallies allow new students to unite with other classes to admire Bowie and show school spirit. 

“[Pep rallies] make me and my friends proud to be a part of Bowie and I’m really excited for the years to come,” Chahda said.