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App of the week: guess the emoji

Robbie Warhola, Online Writer

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Guess the Emoji is a simple puzzle game utilizing the emojis that everyone has come to know and love. Given two emojis and a certain amount of letters the user has to guess what word that the emojis form.

There are 16 total levels with over 60 different puzzles in each level. Most of the puzzles provide no challenge and are relatively easy to guess. However, upon reaching level two the puzzles become slightly more obscure and harder to guess. That is what makes the game so fun though, the challenge of not knowing what it could be.

The large amount of levels provide what seems like endless entertainment for even just a few minutes at a time. I found myself playing the game every time I had some downtime either in class or at home.

Soon enough, I got to level 3 which is about 180 puzzles in and I cannot stop playing. The simple premise and the short puzzles that leave you scratching your head make this game worth picking up especially since its free.

I have had this game for well over two weeks and I can honestly say that this simple little puzzle app has quickly become my go to mobile game for whenever time permits. Overall, I would recommend this game for people with time to kill even if it’s just a few minutes every here and there. The game excels at keeping your attention and urging you to complete that next puzzle.

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App of the week: guess the emoji