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New voices legislation is advocating for student rights

New voices legislation is advocating for student rights

Kateri Jaquette, Sports Editor

May 22, 2019

Currently in the state of Texas, student journalists under the administration of public education are subjected to prior review by their school administration. Prior review allows for the school to censor what students publish, leaving them vulnerable to facing consequences for reporting the truth. ...

Celebrating senior top ‘Dawgs at honor night

Celebrating senior top ‘Dawgs at honor night

Madisen Johnson, Senior Feature Editor

May 21, 2019

From Trustee Awards to ‘who’s who’, there are several award ceremonies on campus that celebrate students that have distinguished themselves academically. A different award ceremony has been added this year, the Senior Honor night awards. Senior Honor night was created to be a time to honor any stude...

Stress relieving session in the courtyard

Shikha Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

May 14, 2019

This school year, the counselors and Ashley Shute have come together to create a comfortable and stress-relieving environment for students who have been dealing with stress or any mental health related conditions. “The counselors and I have a conversation of what the needs are at the school, mostly ...

Prom with alumni

Rachel Baschnagel     , Copy Editor

April 22, 2019

After the unanticipated ban of graduated students at the 2018 Homecoming dance, rumors began to surface of the same policies being implemented at Bowie’s class of 2019 prom. The administration indicated that prom is open to anyone 20 years of age or under who has been invited by a current Bowie stud...

Funding lost due to senior skip day

Funding lost due to senior skip day

Katie Holme, News Editor

April 20, 2019

The collective agreement amongst seniors to take part in “senior skip day” on March 15, the day before spring break, created a decline in attendance, as well as a significant amount of funding. During this senior “holiday” the school lost $17,000 from absences due to the school being funded ...

Broken glass fuels focused fundraiser

Broken glass fuels focused fundraiser

Cade Spencer, News Editor

April 18, 2019

Glass lay broken on the ground as an estimated 75 windows were shattered around the Bowie facility. This vandalism that struck campus on Dec. 13, 2018 caused the school community to call for increased security. In response to such demands, the PTSA decided to focus their Build Up Bowie fundraiser on necessary s...

Upcoming event to celebrate diversity

Upcoming event to celebrate diversity

Rachel Baschnagel, Copy Editor

April 17, 2019

The first ever Culture Day will be held on Thursday, April 18 at 10 a.m. in the courtyard. Multiple booths will be set up to represent various cultures, with students stationed at each to educate their peers about their culture and traditions. Teachers are invited to bring their students to the cou...

Senior event confirmed

Peter Dang, Sports Editor

April 16, 2019

Graduation night is statistically one of the most dangerous nights for teenagers due to the risks of impaired driving and car crashes, according to the American Automobile Association Foundation. Project Graduation was started to make graduation night safer, touted as an all-night alcohol-free, drug-free, lo...

Dawgs dominate at meet

Dawgs dominate at meet

Peter Dang, Editor-In-Chief

April 15, 2019

For most people, athletics comes to mind first when hearing the three letters UIL, but UIL includes much more than just athletics. UIL, or University Interscholastic League,  is an inter-school organization for Texas schools to compete against one another. Competitions range many different discipli...

Bowie’s journalism adviser recognized with national award

Caitlin Worthington, Dispatch Reporter

April 14, 2019

Every year the Columbia Scholastic Press Association recognizes Journalism teachers across the country with the Special Recognition Adviser Award. The 2019 National High School Journalism Teacher Awards competition was cosponsored by the Dow Jones News Fund and was given additional support from the Poy...

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