Buying and selling Supreme

Gigi Francis, Staff Reporter

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Streetwear is a casual clothing style found in urban youth. Senior Gia Spencer has entered the business of buying and upscaling Supreme. Spencer found this fashion intriguing and jumped into the business and quickly got the hang of it. Supreme hooked her into this business along with boyfriend with his interest in streetwear and Supreme.

“I found the brand supreme to be very interesting because the name carries so much clout in the street fashion industry yet it uses no advertisements, has limited shops, and is extremely artistically vulgar,” Spencer said, “I got into this business in the first place because my boyfriend asked me to buy him something small and it wasn’t too difficult to get once I did my research on how to become a buyer.”

Exploring the brand with help from her boyfriend, Spencer found the best ways for her to get into this business.

“After researching the average value I thought it would be very beneficial to resell things myself,” Spencer said, “My boyfriend is a huge sneakerhead and loves street fashion and helps me with insight on trends and what kind of brands they are collaborating with.”

Spencer doesn’t sell directly to people, her audience is a store located out of Austin. But she always has a backup in case she needs to sell sooner.

“I mostly sell to a resale store in Houston called Sneaker summit, sometimes I use StockX when my pieces don’t sell quick enough at sneaker summit,” Spencer said.

Spencer has the decision of price over her own pieces, giving her power over the stores she thinks of selling to.

“Once I get enough inventory and do enough of my own pricing on my items I drive up to Houston and negotiate a price  that I feel comfortable pricing it at in their store and how much of a profit I want,” Spencer said, “Profit is very solemnly less than double what I bought it at resell for.”

Spencer’s business gets help from her other jobs while she has to balance all of her jobs together.

“I have two other jobs apart from this hobby’ one being a pre-k teacher and the other as a cashier at Shipley’s,” Spencer said, “I put saving from every check aside and use that to buy it, the money always come back to me, plus profit, within a month because supreme is such a hot market.”

Spencer keeps her business focused on Supreme, but has ideas of one day expanding.

“For right now, Supreme has the biggest profit margin of any other brand so I only am interested in Supreme, however if I become more popular as a seller I might open up to other streetwear brands like Bape or Kith,” Spencer said.

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