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Baseball’s new turf fixes old problems

Amelie Hayne, Dispatch Reporter

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Bowie’s baseball program has recently added new turf to their fields. The fields have been outdating and in need of a repair due to their unsafe conditions.

The baseball team uses the fields at Bowie for their practices, games and tournaments. Coach Degalia, baseball coach believes that the turf improves that quality of the field.

“We don’t have to spend as much time getting the field ready for games and practice. We just added a little bit more turf in spots where the grass doesn’t grow a lot.”

The baseball team is a very bonded team, where both coaches and players care both about each other, sophomore John Estrada plays for the JV baseball team. It’s important for the players to feel as though they are cared for by the program and the addition of the new turf helps for them to feel that they are being cared for.

“It gives the team confidence that the coaches care about the players well being and shows they have our backs and we need to have theirs,” Estrada says.

However there is still more to be improved within the program and there is conversation about those changes being soon, sophomore JV player Cody Gray plays on the team and understands the needs of the players.

“I think that the dugouts or the bleachers should be updated, there is talk about changing the dugout net so that it is more visible to watch players batting from the dugout,” Gray said.

The baseball team is starting it’s season and the new addition of the turf will be able to positively impact the program.

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Baseball’s new turf fixes old problems