Young Life

Izzy Rejino, J1 Reporter

After a long day of school, YoungLife students at Bowie High school look forward to learning about God. YoungLife is an after-school Christian club that meets up once a week on Mondays to learn about God. High school students meet up with college leaders to spend time together and bond.

“Young Life is an organization that’s been happening for 75 years and has expanded all around the world” Younglife leader Megan Garza said. “Our volunteer leadership team is made up of people who are all about going to where high school students are to build personal relationships with them.”

Younglife is run by UT college students from sophomores to seniors that want to spend time with the Bowie High School students, while also wanting to help them learn about God. Everyone in Younglife is different, but there is a staff member for everyone.

“As we get to know kids we hope to build lifelong friendships to have a lifetime of fun and making memories, and we hope to earn the privilege of talking to them about something that we think matters most of all — the truth about God and His love for them,” Garza said. “Introducing kids to Jesus and helping them grow in the faith is the hope behind everything that we do as Young Life leaders.”

Students at Bowie who attend Younglife have lots of fun every week with the staff members. They do different activities every meeting, sometimes including theme nights.

“In Younglife we play a lot of games, they usually relate to whatever the theme of the club is,” sophomore Allison Evans said. “They always have a lot planned for us so we always have lots of activities to do.”

Students at Bowie High decided to go to Younglife for many different reasons. Many went because they wanted to learn more about their religion while having fun.

“I decided to go to Young Life because I wanted to become closer to God and meet friends who are religious,” sophomore Grace Earle said.

Along with having college student leaders, Younglife also has staff members that help keep Young Life up and running in the area, city, state, and regional level.

“I would say overall, people who are a part of Young Life are fun, loving, excited about relationships, and always looking to have a good time with new friends,” Garza said. “Not everyone is a crazy loud, extroverted person; like any group of people or team, our leaders are diverse and have a multitude of different personalities, which is what I think makes Young Life so great – everyone is welcome, anyone can feel like there is someone they can relate to.”