Bowie band outperforms and gets recognized by Ryan Reynolds

Shruti Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

Trumpets in the air, James Bowie High School students stand tall as they perform their final performance.

The Bowie Band’s determination and aspiration to be the best band in the nation allows them to be recognized by many people, one being actor Ryan Reynolds who is best known for his role as Deadpool.

“It was awesome when Ryan Reynolds shouted us out. I honestly didn’t believe it at first,” color guard, Hailey Vogt said.

The excitement within the Bowie band after being recognized by Ryan Reynolds helped to relieve stress that the players felt at that competition.

“It really helped hype everyone up because we had such a long competition day,” Vong said.

In addition to being recognized by a Hollywood star, the final performance was executed flawlessly by the Bowie band.

“I think that our finals performance was one of the better ones we’ve had, there was a lot more excitement to perform after being recognized by Ryan Reynolds,” said Vong.