Silver Stars Spring Show; behind the curtains

Shikha Patel, Staff Writer

The annual James Bowie High School spring show took place on April 26 and lasted until April 29. The spring show, which takes place to entertain the audience as well as a James Bowie tradition, was located in the theater on campus.

“[All of the Silver Star members] bond over our last traditions we have during spring show and enjoy our last performance as the current Silver Stars!” Senior Silver Star member, Avery Clark said.

The spring show was an opportunity for freshman dancers and upcoming Silver Stars to perform and get a feel for what the next few years as a Bowie Silver star will be like. It was also an opportunity for senior silver stars to perform for one of their last times before graduating.

“I have been dancing since I was five years old,” Avery Clark said. “The Spring Show lets our current team dance together and have an amazing last performance together because it is the seniors last time performancing.”

Freshman Katie Puperi tried out for Silver Stars earlier this semester and made the drill team. Puperi has high hopes for the years to follow and believes that the show will make a great start to her career at Bowie.

“The spring show is allowing new members of the team to experience what the next few years of being a Silver Star will be like,” Puperi said. “The spring show is just the start and is a tradition that all Silver Stars look forward to.”

The annual spring show allowed Puperi to perform some of her favorite dances as well as bond with upcoming silver stars in her group dances.

“The spring show has made me feel so happy because I love dancing and knowing that the Silver Stars team is focusing on [making new members feel welcome] just makes me so happy,” Puperi said, “The group number I took part in was called the Newbie, the Newbie is where upcoming silver stars perform. It was amazing to get a feel for silver stars and create a bond with other stars.”

Senior Avery Clark, a member of the steering committee officer line,  will have to say goodbye to the team she loves so much as she is graduating and will be attending A&M to pursue her education. Clark has been a Silver Star for thirteen years and in that time has had to put in a lot of work to ensure every show is exceptional, which requires a lot of time and dedication.

“Silver Stars is a drill team, the effort that goes into Silver Stars and the spring show is very much giving all into every practice and performance we have,” Clark said. “Behind the scenes is not as glamorous as it seems on the stage.”

Clark has been apart of the Silver Stars family for so long she naturally grew as a person alongside her team members. The spring show may not seem like a meaningful milestone but for the members it is much more than a dance.

“Being on Silver Stars and doing performances such as the spring show has given me a place to grow as a person and as a dancer,” Clark said. “Silver Stars has allowed me to meet some of my best friends and truly create a bond between all fifty of us.”