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Sherlock Gnomes “The World’s Least Entertaining Detective”

Liam Connally, Online Writer

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Sherlock Gnomes starts out with a minute of the Gnomes suggesting stories they should tell only each tale has “gnome” in the title, The Gnome Ranger, for example. It gets worse from there.

Sherlock Gnomes, the sequel to 2011’s Gnomeo and Juliet fails to capture the charm of the first film, instead of being a creative retelling of a classic tale it’s a played out pun-filled low attempt to entertain. If I were a young child, I would probably have loved the film because all the jokes are obvious and not hard to process.

This film introduces us, very quickly, to two new main characters who steal the show from Gnomeo and Juliet, these characters are Sherlock Gnomes (Johnny Depp) and his partner, Watson (Chiwetel Ejiofor). These characters have none of the personality of Gnomeo (James McAvoy) or Juliet (Emily Blunt), they’re just dumb parodies of the classic characters who we all know.

I saw this movie with my friend who fell asleep before the bad guy was introduced when he woke up the final battle was already started, he was only asleep for 30 minutes, this movie’s plot is insanely rushed even for a kids movie.

The icing on the cake is at about the 10-minute mark a gnome dabs. That scene made me consider walking out of the theater and jumping into the sewer and just staying there forever because a world where gnomes can dab in a movie isn’t the kind of world I would want live in.

The only redeeming quality in this hour and 26 minute gnome pun is the music; the film is produced by Rocket Pictures, a company owned by Elton John, so all the music in the movie is Elton John original songs.

The film tries to do the Sherlock plot twist, by giving a somewhat obvious plot twist followed by a “less” obvious plot twist. If you were six you’d still see both plot twists coming there was no mystery to the film, Sherlock Gnomes “the greatest ornamental detective” is a film with no mystery. Possibly the first ever detective film which fails to deliver an actual mystery.

If you want a film with enticing mystery, amazing story, and witty humor, then this film isn’t for you, but if you want a movie with silly jokes that will take you back to your childhood this still isn’t the movie for you. If you want a film with fantastic music and quality animation but no real story then this is the movie for you.

All in all this movie was hardly worth the 10 dollars or whatever I paid to see it, the film fails to entertain or amuse, I’d give a hard pass to anyone who wanted to see this film. 3/10.

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Sherlock Gnomes “The World’s Least Entertaining Detective”