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MAKING MUSIC: Students in the live music club rehearse in the band room after school.

New clubs, new opportunities

Students walk from shadow to shadow, talking, discussing, and laughing as they explore the myriad clubs at the Bowie Club Fair. Every year, the clubs featured change and shift, with both new and old groups appearing. Along with the returning clubs of last year, several new clubs have arrived at Bowie. Bowie has a range of clubs so wide that over 140 clubs and extracurricular activities are available to students. Clubs on the official list on the Bowie website include the Cyberdawgs, Dimwits and Doorknobs (The D&D club), the ASL Club, and many more. This year, the list has only grown.

One of the many new clubs introduced to Bowie this year, the Super Smash Bros Club plays installments of the well-known franchise after school. Both casual and competitive play are welcomed in the club, however, respect between players must be maintained. If you’re looking for a way to take the focus off of your homework, this club might be for you.

Dedication to things you love is almost universal in humanity, and that very dedication is what made the Avatar Club. Focusing in on the animated show Avatar: The Last Airbender and various media surrounding the series, the club focuses on the characters and the world they inhabit, discussing the highs, the lows, and everything else in the shows. If you’re a fellow lover of the Avatar world and are looking for those who share your passion, you should check out the club.

One club that has started meeting this school year is the Biology Club. Offering extra education on subjects under biology, the club is run by Jessica Davis. Extra information on the miracle that is life never hurts, and this is where you’ll find an abundance of that knowledge. If you’re willing to dedicate extra time to this field of science, this club is for you.

With a more musical focus, the Live Music Club has students perform music live for others. With a growing presence on social media, the club has quickly gained a fair amount of popularity. Whether you’re looking to put your musical talents to use, or you just want to listen to some good music, check the club out.

Showing a clear fixation on technical aspects of the student experience, Young Minds in Tech Times is a club that focuses on teaching students how to create various kinds of media. The club, which is sponsored by Andrew Nourse, is the perfect club for students looking to dip their toes into the pool that is multimedia and design. Whether your focus is photography or website design, the club has something to offer you in terms of design skills.

Such a wide list of options for clubs makes it difficult to not find something you’re interested in. But when a specific topic or activity is not covered by a club, students might find themselves a bit disappointed. But with the Club Application form, students can request for even more clubs to be added to the roster of existing ones. Once the form is filled out, students should submit it to the office and await the club’s approval. Should the club be deemed suitable and be approved by the school, you’ll be allowed to meet by the club fair’s start next year.

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