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Austin Ikard

One of the big reasons Evans started the Film Club is due to the Austin community and the number of films being created in the area.

Addy Schlink, J1 Reporter

A new club has made its appearance on campus. The Film Club is a new offering for all students. The goal of the club is to help students who want to go into the film and television industry get some experience and instruction.

The club sponsor is CTE teacher Madeline Evans, who has had extensive experience with filmmaking.

“I used to work in film and television,” Evans said. “So, I really just want to be able to share what I know gets you involved in the industry, for the people who are currently interested.” 

One of the big reasons Evans started the Film Club is due to the Austin community and the number of films being created in the area.

“It’s a really growing field in Austin,” Evans said. “It is also a possible ‘course or pathway’ because it’s an upcoming career.”

Junior club member Andrew Swierk thinks film could become a possible job path for him in the future.

“I could actually make a career out of this,” Swierk said. “It’s fun, and you make friends.” 

Since the club is so new, and there isn’t a course pathway offered for classes during the school day, club members hope that they can start gathering equipment and actually begin filming soon.

“We have a lot of people coming up with new ideas and a lot of brainstorming happening,” Evans said. “But, since we only meet twice a month we really don’t have equipment yet.” 

One thing club members have started is preparing a script that could be used in the future when filming starts. Freshman club member Charlie Dame has begun this process.

“In this world, there are two groups of people, one of them is mortal, one of them is immortal,” Dame said. “It’s essentially all about the conflict between this one mortal girl and her conflict with an immortal criminal.” 

Dame has always enjoyed telling stories, so that’s what made them want to join this club. Dame explains how the club really helps people be creative.

“I ended up joining this club and I found it easy to apply my ability and interest in storytelling,” Dame said. “I think it helped me express myself.”

The club usually meets twice a month on the first and last Thursday of the month. Sometimes they meet in Evans’ classroom (D225) and other times they meet in the theater to watch a movie on the big screen.

”When we have screenings we meet in the theater if possible, and use the big screen,” Evans said. “When we can’t, or we’re just meeting about things like content ideas we meet in my room.”

At the movie screenings, the group discusses the types of shots they saw in the movie, as well as the script and how that was carried out visually.

“You have the opportunity to decide what kind of films you want to create and you get to make friends,” Swierk said. “You get to make scripts and you get to come up with interesting ideas.”