90 minute classes are too long


Amilia velez

Many believe that Bowie’s classes are too long, while others think they are an average time.

Madilyn Mayronne, J1 Reporter

Blocked scheduling isn’t helping students be successful. The blocked schedule causes every class to be an hour and 30 minutes, this may be too long for some students to learn for.

I believe that Bowie should go back to an 8-period day with 45 minute classes. Before COVID, many schools had 8-period classes, that was changed after the pandemic. The change from 4-period classes, to 8-period classes would benefit students mentally and physically.

Sitting in the same classroom for 90 minutes gets tiring and boring for students.. I notice many people sleeping during classes, in this case frequent movement might be helpful and could keep students awake. I think that 45 minute classes is just the right amount of time for teachers to teach their lessons and for students to do their work without feeling bored or tired.

Many students might feel unmotivated to do their work because of how long they have been sitting in the class learning the topic. If students had 45 minutes to finish their assignments, they might have more motivation because they know that they don’t have that much time to work on it. The 90 minute classes might also be too long because some students finish their work early and have a lot of time with nothing to do until their next class. 

Some students at Bowie may have all of their elective classes on one day and all of their core classes on another day. This means a lot more assignments and homework because it consists of all core classes. This can be stressful for some students. Their other day might be fairly easy because it is filled with electives which don’t require as much work.

Rotating Fridays is not only hard for students, but also teachers. Teachers need to keep up with two different days and different classes. Some assignments might carry over to the weekend because one day did it on Friday and the other day has to do it Monday. This has to make grading hard for teachers. Holidays can mess up the schedule too. If students and teachers get a day off, this can make a full day of classes behind on work. 

With an 8-period schedule, teachers can teach shorter lessons that students can keep up with easier. This way, teachers can teach the full lesson to all their classes in one day. Teachers can also carry over lessons the next day and be more organized. This is also easier for teachers because prepping shorter lessons takes less time than 90 minute lessons.

In this case, Bowie should switch back to 8-period schedules to benefit students and teachers. Making the class schedule more organized and easier to keep up with. 

Although having four elective classes a day can be a nice easy break during the week, the other day can be stressful and busy. Having A and B day classes might be easier for some students that take longer time doing assignments because they have a longer class period to do their work. 

90-minute classes are too long and keeping up with an A and B day can be difficult and stressful for students and teachers. Sitting in the same classroom for an hour and a half can be tiring and unmotivating.