Review of Wandavision


Isabela del Nido

Recently, Marvel fans have been blessed with the number of new shows and movies being announced by Marvel, one of them being the airing show, WandaVision.

Donna Kim, Reporter

Recently, Marvel fans have been blessed with the number of new shows and movies being announced by Marvel, one of them being the airing show, WandaVision.

Each episode lasting around 30 minutes and airing every Friday, WandaVision has been the current banger of the Marvel universe. The show takes place some time after the events of Endgame, and after everyone from the Blip comes back. Wanda sneaks into SWORD headquarters and steals Vision’s dead body, and ultimately takes an entire town hostage to create a reality where her and Vision live the perfect, married couple life. In her reality, her and Vision live out a seemingly normal life, but must hide the fact that they have powers from her neighbors and new friends. The show starts off as a 50’s sitcom in black and white, and a decade goes up as each few episodes go by. As an episode changes into another time period, the fashion style and color palette of the episode will change to coordinate with what decade the episode is in. A lot of amazing people from all over the Marvel universe have been introduced as major characters in the show, such as Jimmy Woo, Darcy Lewis, and Monica Rambeau. This iconic trio has teamed up with SWORD to find out the phenomenon that Wanda has created, and how to release the town she has held hostage. 

Within six episodes, so much has happened in the show. The show starts off with Wanda and Vision moving into their new home as newlyweds, and the audience gets introduced to her many neighbors. The first few episodes seemed to have many comedic aspects, along with a few eerie moments that snap Wanda back into her real self. Wanda and Vision even end up having twins, who mysteriously age every few episodes. Episode five ends in a shock, as Vision is aware of the reality that Wanda has created and confronts her about this. After they get into a fight that almost gets physical, there is a knock at the door, and it is none other than Quicksilver. Except this Quicksilver is not Wanda’s brother, but rather Quicksilver from the Xmen universe. (Played by Evan Peters.)

Episode six gets even crazier, as Wanda is suspicious of her brother with a completely different face, although Quicksilver is quick to tell her that he is indeed her real brother. Vision goes outside the barriers of Westview, and is met with many SWORD agents. He almost dies, but the episode ends with Wanda expanding the barriers of Westview, and many SWORD agents being sucked into her reality, Darcy Lewis being one of them.

So far, WandaVision has been such a fantastic show, and leaves you wondering what type of show it really is. It starts off as a comedic 50’s sitcom, but evolves into a more eerie show that has horrifying moments. Many theories have been emerging about the show, including who the main villain may be. Many speculate that it is Wanda’s nosy neighbor, Agnes, as there have been many clues throughout the show that hint to her being Agatha Harkness from the Marvel comics. Others theorize that the main villain is Wanda, as she is holding an entire town hostage and the show hints that she is in control of everyone. 

Something that had my jaw drop was the appearance of Quicksilver from the XMen universe. Marvel has ultimately introduced the multiverse, and this may lead to future projects from Marvel including more characters from other Earths. For the remaining episodes that are to air, the directors have tweeted out that each period will be an hour long, which has everyone excited. 

Overall, WandaVision is well thought out and an amazing show to watch. From the hidden easter eggs to the iconic appearance of Jimmy Woo, WandaVision is definitely a great show to watch and over analyze.