Student athletes recruited to colleges

Seniors in various sports have received offers and committed to several schools across the country



OFF TO THE BIG LEAGUES: Coleton Benson officially signs to Army West Point for basketball as his family gathers around to watch. Benson has been playing basketball for the majority of his life and is excited to be able to continue his career at the college level.

Corinne Piorkowski, Sports Editor

It’s that time of year again. Student athletes nation-wide post highlights, write emails, and conference with schools in hopes of getting offers for college.

Recruiting and getting offers from the college level is drastically different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has changed the way that student athletes practice, play, and keep up with their grades.

Senior football captain Thanio Bright recently committed to Claremont McKenna College to further his football and academic career in California.

“Getting an offer from Claremont Mckenna was really exciting for me,” Bright said. “I was on a Zoom call with the head coach and he said that they were ready to offer me a scholarship and a roster spot to their program.”

Recruiting and getting offers from colleges is different from a coach’s perspective as opposed to a student’s.

“I love coaching the kids and working with the [college] coaches,” head football coach Jeff Ables said. “I try to help make a difference in their lives each day.”

Senior soccer player Tristyn Cabello recently committed and signed to St. Edwards University to continue her soccer career at the college level.

“I felt really excited when I got the offer because St. Edwards was about 15 minutes from my house,” Cabello said. “Something that was really important to me was that my family was able to see me play throughout college.”

Since St. Edwards University is located in Austin, it will be easier for Cabello to stay in touch with her loved ones during college.

“My plan for college is for my parents and grandparents to continue to watch me play,” Cabello said. “St. Edwards feels so much like home I wouldn’t say that I’m starting fresh but continuing on the same path.”

Senior basketball player Coleton Benson also recently committed to Army West Point University in West Point, New York to continue playing basketball.

“It was an honor to get an offer from West Point because of how prestigious it is to get in,” Benson said.

Although Benson is attending this university to play basketball, he is also planning to pursue a career in sociology.

“I’m going to be a psychiatrist or sociologist and help people with PTSD, loss of limbs, people that got blown up, etc.,” Benson said.

Student athletes have many different motives for wanting to play their sport at the college level and all have different stories to tell regarding their athletic journey.

“I want to play soccer in college because I’ve been playing my whole life and it’s what makes me happy,” Cabello said. “It reminds me of all the hard work I’ve put in and how many years I’ve been playing, but most of all because it’s such an amazing sport.”

Contrastingly, for Bright, continuing at the college level for his sport wasn’t something he always pictured himself doing.

“I wasn’t really interested in playing football at the college level, mostly because I didn’t believe that goal wasn’t in the ballpark of what I was capable of,” Bright said. “After a very successful junior season, I began thinking about school without football, and believed that I would miss the experience too much.”

Although these student athletes have committed to colleges already, they still have at least some of their senior seasons left to play in high school.

“For my senior year, I have very high expectations not only because this is my last year but because I will be continuing to play soccer and I want to keep improving into the college level,” Cabello said. “I think that if everyone is giving 110% on and off the field we will have a successful senior season.”

The final step to committing to a school for a sport is signing day.

“Signing was a very exciting day for everyone because the recruiting process was very long and it was nice to find a home to continue to play at,” Cabello said.” “It was like a breath of fresh air.”

Overall, after a long recruitment process and signing, these student athletes have a new school to continue the sport they love and tirelessly work at.

“I’m really excited to form new brotherhoods that’ll last a lifetime and learn lessons that I could take with me throughout the next stages of my life,” Bright said.