Fall 2020 exam incentives

Shikha Patel, Online Editor-in-Chief

Every semester, Bowie offers students the opportunity to get exam incentives. Exam incentives are earned by attending classes and participating in the learning. The incentive allows students to substitute a semester exam score with a higher semester average.

This year, students will undergo the same process as prior except it will be executed virtually. To earn an incentive for two courses, a student must have 8 or fewer absences and no more than 2 in a single class. To earn an incentive for one course, a student must have 12 or fewer absences and no more than 3 in a single class.

A list of eligible students will be posted in the BLEND Bowie Community Course on Wed., Dec. 9th. If students believe they should be on the list and there has been a mistake, attend the Exam Incentive Help & Troubleshooting sessions during FIT or lunch on Thurs., Dec. 10th or Friday, Dec. 11th.

Although students might receive exam incentives, they are still required to take the exam for every class. To use incentives, a student must submit the official Fall 2020 Exam Incentive Claim form located in the BLEND Bowie Community Course. Students have 24 hours to submit the form. The form will open at 11:30 am on Dec. 17 and close at 11:30 am on Dec. 18th. Only students who are on the eligibility list and using their AISD Google account will be able to complete this form.

Linked is the detailed description to help students understand the exam incentives and reach out for any questions or help: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iyXAVGD9RdPEAt90TAuVwpzumbdZ7dUf1SMt_-ecIi8/edit