Liam Kornacki

Liam Kornacki

I will be attending the University of Texas at Austin
And will major in Government

James Bowie High School was an interesting environment, to say in the least. From the in-depth fine arts programs, to the teachers that help Bowie become a place that trains for higher education; people leave bigger and better than when they came in. I’m one to talk, at the beginning I was a somewhat shy and introverted kid, coming out from a rambunctious middle school career. But with the molding from the fine arts division and a couple of amazing teachers that made me an young adult with the ability to go to my dream undergraduate college!

The most important class to me was my Ethic Studies class (directed by Mrs.Floyd), of which taught me to think with a open mind towards all situations that I will have the pleasure of facing in my life. This way of thinking has helped me with going further into close friendships and generally be a content, and productive member of society, and soon to be UT student. I hope that all of the students who will have gone to Bowie HS will have a similar level of optimism, and determination to go out, and do all that they can in the world.

Go Dawgs!
Stay safe out there!

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