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Class of 2020 Who’s Who Honorees

May 7, 2020

As the Class of 2020’s senior year comes to an end, it is crucial that the Bowie community acknowledges the substantial contributions the seniors made to our campus over their high school careers. Who’s Who is an annual award that honors 24 seniors for their service and involvement in the Bowie community. 

“I love our Who’s Who award because it allows the entire Bowie faculty to participate in recognizing amazing students,” Who’s Who Committee Chair Carlen Floyd said. “This award begins and ends with faculty and staff input. We get to celebrate well-rounded students whose gifts, talents, attitudes and actions represent Bowie well in the broader Austin community, not just here at school.”

Although Who’s Who is an annual award, Floyd believes that acknowledging the accomplishments of the seniors is even more crucial in these unprecedented times. 

“I think it is important to celebrate all our seniors,” Floyd said. “No matter what honors seniors may receive (or not), finishing high school is nothing to take for granted. Graduation is a major milestone for both our seniors and their families to celebrate. And honestly, during these days of COVID-19, when we are challenged by uncertainty and anxiety, it is encouraging and worth our time and effort to recognize what these young folks have accomplished.”

In the place of a traditional in-person ceremony, the Who’s Who Committee hosted the 24 seniors on a Zoom call to announce their designation as Who’s Who Honorees.

“No matter where they go, or what they do, I hope they will always be kind to others, act justly, and use their gifts to improve the places in which they find themselves,” Floyd said. “I am so incredibly proud of these folks. They are some of the kindest, most thoughtful, talented, and gifted people I know. I cannot wait to see how they change the world.”

In the following story you will be able to read a short feature about each Who’s Who Honoree for the Class of 2020. 

Abbas Akhtar

Photo courtesy of Abbas Akhtar.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Abbas Akhtar is the treasurer for the National Honor Society.

“I’m honored to be a Who’s Who,” Akhtar said. “Everyone at Bowie has immense character and to be recognized by my teachers along with the other students selected is such a humbling experience, and it encourages me to continue along a path that values service and community.”

After graduation, Akhtar plans to attend University of Texas at San Antonio until he can transfer to the University of Texas at Austin where he will major in Economics. Akhtar also expressed that he would eventually like to attend law school.

“I would say my favorite high school memory was more of a habit that my friends and I had rather than one specific memory,” Akhtar said. “Every morning, we would all gather in the library and talk about our classwork, current events, or history. We would have people walk in and join us as the morning went on and we would wave to everyone we knew. It was great to feel such a bond with everyone else.”


 Carlos Canepa

Photo courtesy of Carlos Canepa.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Carlos Canepa is a co-president of Student Council, co-president of Spanish Honor Society, Varsity Tennis player, PALs member, and a member of  the National Honor Society.

“I was very happy to find out about Who’s Who,” Canepa said. “I am honored that my teachers thought of me for this group.”

After graduation, Canepa plans to major in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

“I have many good memories from Bowie but one of my favorites was the entire process of co-hosting Mr. Bulldog,” Canepa said. “It was a super fun experience, and all the people made it fun.”


Landry Case

Photo courtesy of Landry Case.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Landry Case is the First Lieutenant of Silver Stars, a member of Bowie Buddies, and also participates in outside of school activities with her church. 

“It is an honor to have been chosen for Who’s Who and it feels good that my leadership and mostly my community service have been recognized by others,” Case said. 

After graduation, Case plans to pursue Elementary Education at Texas State.

“My favorite memory was my first Spring Show as a Silver Star my rookie year,” Case said. “My team definitely took a huge part in this and I definitely would not be where I am today without their love and support.”


Kathryn Cole

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Cole.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Kathryn Cole participates in volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, the National Honor Society, Business Professionals of America Club, and Female Empowerment Club.

“It feels amazing to be a part of Who’s Who,” Cole said. “It is very gratifying to know that teachers recognize all the hard work I have put into bowie.”

After graduation, Cole will be attending Indiana University as a Business major. 

“My favorite memory is beating lake Travis in volleyball this year,” Cole said. 


Lindy Colton 

Photo courtesy of Lindy Colton.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Lindy Colton was a Bowie cheerleader and social and spirit coordinator. 

“I was so shocked when I found out I was a Who’s Who,” Colton said.  “The people who are Who’s Who are the most iconic people of Bowie, everyone knows their names and faces and who they are, and the fact that I have had a big enough impact on this school to be recognized as one of those people makes me feel so accomplished and proud of myself.” 

After graduation, Colton plans on going to the University of Southern California to major in Cinema and Media studies. 

“From football games to shows to all my experiences in PALs, I have so many memories at Bowie that I will remember forever,” Colton said. “One of my favorites was for sure going to Nationals in Disney with the cheer team.” 


Angela Cox

Photo courtesy of Angela Cox.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Angela Cox was involved in PALS, the co-president of Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society member, a class officer, Red Cross Club member, and in Bowie Dance. 

To be a part of Who’s Who means a lot because it is the only award that is given from teachers, so to be awarded with this means a lot and reflects how much time I put into the school,” Cox said. 

After graduation, Cox will be attending the University of Texas at Austin to major in bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. 

My favorite memory was when all the fire alarms were going off for a long time and no one was concerned about it, I thought that was funny,” Cox said. 


Lawson Crow

Photo courtesy of Lawson Crow.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Lawson Crow is vice president of Spanish Honor Society and Student Council, Class of 2020 co-president, National Honor Society member, PALs member, Spikeball Club co-founder, and soccer captain. 

“I am incredibly proud to be honored as a Whos Who recipient,” Crow said.  “It gives me validation that all the time and effort I have put into my organizations has paid off and made an impact on the school. It’s also a great feeling to have my name listed next to so many other amazing people.”

After graduation, Crow will be attending the University of Texas at Austin to study Business. 

“My favorite memory at Bowie is just hanging out with my friends. Whether it be the three years I ate lunch under the tree, or working in the gardens with the Student Council, I was always with my friends having a good time,” Crow said. “The friendships that Bowie helped me to grow and form will last me a lifetime.”


Ashlyn Dahl

Photo courtesy of Ashlyn Dahl.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Ashlyn Dahl is the secretary of  Spanish Honor Society, an active member of the debate team, the Starlight Theatre Company, and the National Honor Society.

“I have been fortunate enough to have met many of the previous recipients during my time as Bowie and I have admired many of them for their excellency,” Dahl said. “It’s surreal to get the same recognition that so many of the people I looked up to received.”

After graduation, Dahl will be attending the University of Texas at Austin to study International Relations and Global Studies. 

“My favorite high school memory was getting to go to my first debate nationals in Fort Lauderdale during the summer between my sophomore and junior year,” Dahl said. “I not only got to have fun competing, but I was also able to make so many memories with my speech and debate friends.” 


Emma Davis

Photo courtesy of Emma Davis.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Emma Davis was involved in PALs, the National Honor Society, cross country, track, and Key Club.

“I am so honored to be Bowie’s Who’s Who for the class of 2020,” Davis said. “Bowie has made such an impact on me and how I will continue to live my life, and it feels good to know that I can be recognized for my involvement that led me to this personal growth.”

After graduation, Davis will be attending the University of Texas at Austin to study Civil Engineering. 

“One of my favorite memories from my time at Bowie has to be when the varsity cross country teams went down to Corpus Christi to run in a meet in September,” Davis said. 


Anna Esaka

Photo courtesy of Anna Esaka.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Anna Esaka was involved in PALS, the National Honor Society, Business Professionals of America (BPA), Class Officers, and Accounting UIL.

“It makes me feel more confident with myself, and I am beyond happy to be recognized among many amazing peers,” Esaka said. “It is such an honor, but also I am so proud of everyone at Bowie for their accomplishments.”

After graduation, Esaka will be attending the University of Texas at Austin to study Business. 

“My favorite high school memory is going to Dallas for BPA,” Esaka said. “It was so much fun to be with my friends and meet so many new people across Texas.”


Madeline Feen

Photo courtesy of Madeline Feen.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Madeline Feen was involved in Three Varsity Choirs, Chamber Choir, Color Guard, and National Honor Society. 

“It is such an honor to be a Bowie Who’s Who,” Feen said. “I am so grateful to the teachers and staff at bowie for still allowing this to happen, and I still cannot believe I did it.” 

After Graduation, Feen will be attending the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas to study Nursing. After her undergraduate, Feen plans to get her masters and become a nurse practitioner. 

“My favorite high school memory was watching a goofy movie with my guard friends in our hotel room in China,” Feen said. “We had a bunch of random snacks and stories from the week, so it was a great time.”


Gillian Griffis

Photo courtesy of Gilian Griffis.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Gillian Griffis was co-president of the Starlight Theatre Company, a member of the National Honor Society, and a past member of the speech and debate program.

“I am ecstatic,” Griffis said. “I am often advising fellow students to prioritize what makes them happy and to see that this has positively influenced the communities I have been a part of is just the cherry on top to an amazing four years.”

After graduation, Griffis will be pursuing her dream job where she will be attending the CAP 21 Musical Theatre Conservatory in New York City to work as a performer. 

“I have been on the stage quite a bit in my time here at Bowie, but some of my most fond memories is getting to watch others take the stage at events like Mr. Bulldog and Bowie Idol,” Griffis said. “To see an audience filled with students cheering on their classmates for better or worse is a cheesy high school movie moment I would not trade for the world.”


Sydney Heim

Photo courtesy of Sydney Heim.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Sydney Heim was involved in Key Club, Spanish Honor Society, the National Honor Society, volleyball, and lacrosse. 

“I feel so honored, and very surprised honestly, because there are so many talented and accomplished seniors this year,” Heim said. 

After graduation, Heim will be attending the University of Notre Dame to study Architecture. 

“My favorite high school memory was my senior lacrosse season with my team,” Heim said.  


Eric Larson

Photo courtesy of Eric Larson.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Eric Larson was involved in choir and the Starlight Theatre Company. 

“It feels really good to be a Who’s Who and I am really thankful for it. Never in my four years at Bowie would I ever imagine me having an impact on Bowie in some way,” Larson said.  “I am really proud of my peers and of myself because we have come so far and worked really hard.”

After graduation, Larson will be attending Sam Houston State University where he will major in Musical Theatre while planning to book auditions and start working as an actor thereafter. 

“My favorite memory was definitely my sophomore year when I got the lead in Mary Poppins,” Larson said. “I was struggling freshman year, and I pulled it together and I got the love and support from friends and teachers that I needed. I got a lead in my first Bowie musical and I will always be grateful for that and everything my directors have done for me.”


Payton Lord

Photo courtesy of Payton Lord.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Payton Lord was in PALS, student leadership, the National honor society, the Spanish honor society, golf, volleyball, Bowie Buddies, and Class officers. 

“It is an honor to be a Bowie Who’s Who,” Lord said. “It is nice to know that I have made an impact on Bowie over the course of my four years.”

After graduation, Lord is attending the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas and is planning on taking the pre-med route. 

 “My favorite high school memory was probably getting to be involved in all of the senior traditions this year, such as being on the rail at football games and wearing the senior girls shirts,” Lord said.  


Mishell Magnus

Photo courtesy of Mishell Magnus.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Mishell Magnus Ducloux was involved in PALS for two years, the Lone Star Yearbook for three years, and she was president of the National Honor Society and the French Honor Society, and she is vice president of Student Council. 

“It is truly an honor to be recognized as a Who’s Who recipient because it is a recognition that only the Bowie teachers give out,” Ducloux said.  “To be picked as someone who had an impact on the school by the people who have molded me into who I am today and who inspire and support me endlessly is an incredible honor, it is also a reminder of how much I have grown during my time at Bowie due to the opportunities I was given to serve my school”

After graduation, Magnus will be attending the University of Texas at Austin to study  Psychology. 

“My favorite high school memory has to be the first Thanksgiving Themed We Dine Together,” Ducloux said. “To see the school community come together and share food and conversation during lunch was a beautiful thing. It made the hard work that was put into it and the months of trial and error totally worth it. It brought lots of happy tears and became an unforgettable memory.”


Kamryn Morales

Photo courtesy of Kamryn Morales.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Kamryn Morales is a four year member and eventual co-president of the Starlight Theatre Company, a National Honor Society member, and a varsity member of the Bowie Speech and Debate team.

“Being a Bowie Who’s Who feels incredibly surreal and so thrilling,” Morales said. “I am so honored and grateful to be recognized among some of the most phenomenal and impressive people I have gotten to know these past four years and I still cannot believe I am a part of this group.” 

After graduation, Morales will be attending Pace University in New York City to study Business with a concentration in Fashion Design, Marketing, and Communications. 

“My favorite high school memory is when we closed Big Fish earlier this year,” Morales said. “We all said some parting words during the final good show circle and I was surrounded by all of my wonderful friends and mentors. Needless to say,  it was pretty emotional. I did not know at the time that it would be our last show at Bowie and my last show ever. We had an absolute blast and I was reminded just how special the connections I have made with all these people are and how important the Bowie community is to me.”


Caroline Myers

Photo courtesy of Caroline Myers.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Caroline Myers was involved on the swim team, ultimate frisbee team, Math UIL, the Spanish Honor Society and the National Honor Society.

“I feel honored to be chosen as a Who’s Who,” Myers said.”I feel blessed to be leaving high school with a great group of people whom I have learned from and made many great memories with.”

After graduation, Myres is attending Trinity University to swim and study Biochemistry. After her undergraduate, Myers plans to attend graduate school. 

“One of my favorite moments at Bowie was at the swim and dive regional meet my senior year,” Myers said. “The team’s energy was awesome, and I witnessed many great races from swimmers on our team.” 


Ava Nielsen

Photo courtesy of Ava Nielsen.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Ava Nielsen was a three year member of Silver Stars, and eventually became co-president of the Steering Committee,  a four year member and an Executive Board Member and Senior Director of the Starlight Theatre Company, a National Honor Society member, and she was in Bowie Buddies. 

“A Who’s Who Honoree should be an individual who is devoted to the success and spirit of Bowie. Someone who builds themselves up by working hard, and then turns to inspire and lend a hand to others; an individual who went above wanting leadership titles, or fought to be in the front, but was a driving force without bringing others down, and instead, drove alongside them,” Nielson said. “To be a Who’s Who Honoree is so special because it means the dedication and devotion you had for Bowie and the organizations you contributed to was noticed and appreciated.”

After graduation, Nielsen will be attending the University of Texas at Austin to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Dance. 

“My favorite high school memories would have to be my junior year Silver Star Spring Show, and this year’s musical “Big Fish,” at neither of these events did I know it would be my last time doing them, but I still had the most amazing time,” Nielsen said. “ At the Spring Show I danced my heart out alongside some of the best girls, and it made my heart so full. This year’s musical I was in love with my role as The Witch and to be in a cast with my best friends was the most surreal part. Each night I felt closer and closer to my cast mates and remembered why I wanted to pursue performing arts in the future. It was these moments where I thanked Bowie for bringing me my happiest times and strongest friendships.”


Paige Oldham

Photo courtesy of Paige Oldham.


Who’s Who Honoree senior Paige Oldham was involved in cross country, track, PALs, the National Honor Society, Student Council, and Choir. 

“This school has given me so much throughout the past four years and I am beyond grateful to be given this honor,” Oldham said. “To me this award is less representative of my impact in the school, but proof of how much this school has impacted me.”

After graduation, Oldham is attending Brigham Young University to study Mechanical engineering with a minor in Biology. 

“I have so many memories it is so hard to choose only one. But one of my favorite memories was when my cross country team and I realized we had qualified for the state championship,” Oldham said. “ It was such an exhilarating moment and I will cherish this moment with my team forever.”


Marisa Salazar

Photo courtesy of Marisa Salazar.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Marisa Salazar is an Editor-in-Chief for the Dispatch Newspaper, a Varsity Baseball Manager, a member of the National Honor Society, and a member of Philosophy Club.

I feel extremely humbled and proud to be selected as a Bowie Who’s Who because it encompasses the passion and engagement that I have put into my education and school community for the past four years,” Salazar said. “Walking through Bowie for the first time as a freshman, upon seeing the senior Who’s Who portraits in the library, I aspired to be a student who left an insurmountable impact on campus by forging relationships with students and staff and becoming involved with different organizations and projects. At the end of my high school career, I can affirm that my time at Bowie High School was enjoyed to the fullest extent and feel that I have become the person I aspired to be my freshman year.”

After graduation, Salazar plans to attend the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin where she will major in Journalism.

“My favorite high school memory was doing projects and activities with my peers, whether that be working on the newspaper until 8:00 p.m. before deadline, attending all-day baseball tournaments, anxiously cramming for tests in the library, or working on posters for the National Honor Society: being around my friends and doing the things we enjoy were the most fulfilling experiences of my high school career.”


Anika Scoma

Photo courtesy of Anika Scoma.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Anika Scoma is a photo editor for the Lone Star Yearbook, Choir historian, alto section leader, and a historian for the National Honor Society. In addition, Scoma was the director of the Cabaret this year.

“Being a Bowie Who’s Who is honestly surreal,” Scoma said. “I have seen the pictures on the walls the past four years, and I have seen people I know be up there and know them; it is absolutely crazy that I was even considered to be up there with them, let alone actually have my portrait up there. Also knowing the other recipients, I am so honored to receive this honor along with some of these amazing other seniors.”

After graduation, Scoma plans to attend the University of Texas at Arlington until she can transfer to the University of Texas at Austin where she will major in International Relations and Global Studies.

“My favorite high school memory is really hard to pick, but I would have to pick directing Cabaret,” Scoma said. “Ever since my first rehearsals for Cabaret as a freshman I knew I wanted to direct it, so the entire experience was absolutely surreal and performing in that show and watching the work I have been putting in on the idea for years finally come together was my best moment. In the show, I was only in the second act due to the way I set up the storyline, so I would watch act one from the wells every night, and the first show I cried after the first act because I was so proud of the people participating in it and I could not believe I had finally done it. That show was my best memory at Bowie ever because it is not everyday you get to actually achieve the thing you wrote the most about in your freshman letter to your senior self.”


Amy Swift

Photo courtesy of Amy Swift.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Amy Swift is a member of the James Bowie High School Outdoor Performing Ensemble and has been since freshman year. In addition, Swift plays the French Horn in a concert band and the mellophone in the Bowie Marching Band.

It feels amazing [to be a Who’s Who],” Swift said. “Looking back, as a freshman, I never would have thought I would be able to accomplish something like this.

After graduation, Swift plans to attend the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas where she will major in Biochemistry. Swift expressed that after she receives her bachelor’s degree, she plans to attend dental school to become an orthodontist.

“My favorite memory of high school I think has to be when I cried for a whole rhetoric class for no good reason,” Swift said. “Nothing bad was happening, I just could not stop crying in my seat the whole class.”


Emma Wake 

Photo courtesy of Emma Wake.

Who’s Who Honoree senior Emma Wake is an Editor-in-Chief for the Lone Star Yearbook, member of the National Honor Society, member of Art Club, and a technical assistant for the Starlight Theatre Company. Wake was also involved in Ready Set Teach and Future Teachers of America her junior year.

“I feel very honored to be a Bowie Who’s Who,” Wake said. “I have loved being a part of so many different organizations at Bowie and appreciate being recognized for my contributions.”

After graduation, Wake plans to attend Austin Community College until she can transfer to the University of Texas at Austin where she will major in Communications and Advertising. 

“Looking back at my time at Bowie there are two memories that first come to mind,” Wake said. “The first is having lunch with my friends in the courtyard. My favorite time of the day was often sitting under the tree at lunch surrounded by my friends as we talked about whatever happened to us that day or tagged ourselves as characters from movies. My second favorite memory would have to be late work nights in the yearbook room. While at times it was stressful, it was also very fun to bounce design ideas off of each other and look through other schools books for inspiration. We would also eat a lot of kazoozles so that was always a plus.”

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