PARASITE: Our take on the trending film

Natalie Cullen

Cade Spencer

“Parasite” is a film set in South Korea that has gained substantial popularity in America. According to Dispatch Reporter Natalie Cullen, the film uses astounding cinematography and acting to highlight the great divide between the socio-economic classes in South Korea.

Natalie Cullen, Dispatch Reporter

Dispatch Reporter Natalie Cullen expresses her opinion of the feature film Parasite. The film is set in South Korea and highlights the harsh divide between socio-economic classes in the country.

According to Cullen the film is a “light comedy turned horror film.” She really enjoyed its use of suspense intertwined with humor. Although the film is not in English, Parasite has collected over 15 awards from the 2020 award season.

The movie is a must watch, and The Dispatch gives it a 10/10.

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