New english teacher makes her debut


Arushi Sharma

This school year, the Bowie community has invited new english teacher, Shewmake. She teaches, All Quiet on the Western Front, to student, Kailey King, in her sophomore class.

John Morales, J1 Reporter

Megan Shewmake is making her debut at Bowie High School for the 2019-2020 school year. English Language Arts is Megan’s specialty, having experience teaching it before in previous years at other schools.

“I taught two years in Richmond,Virginia and I also taught two years in Harlem New York City,” Shewmake said.

She recently moved to Austin and chose Bowie High school for various reasons.

“I moved to Austin about a year ago when my husband relocated for a job,”Shewmake said ”I was looking for a large school with a supportive community and heard wonderful things about the staff and students of Bowie.”

There is always room for improvement and Shewmake has one thing that she thinks Bowie high School could improve upon.

“Bowie needs to fix the heating and air conditioning in the halls,” Shewmake said.

Shewmake has been dedicated to the subject English language Arts for most of her career. She is very familar with a

“I have only ever taught the subject english and I have only taught ninth grade classes,” Shewmake said.

Lots of districts teach different topics or at least teach differently. For example, AISD School District might not teach the same topics or have the same curriculum as EISD,which is a kindergarten-twelfth grade Austin school district. Shewmake has been apart of a few different districts and has experience with these curriculums.

“I have taught somewhere where we had 9 units in about 21 days,” Shewmake said. “They didn’t have enough time to teach books, so they taught short stories, articles, blogs, anything and everything but books so I am very excited to start teaching Bowie high Schools curriculum and I am also looking forward to covering To kill a Mockingbird,”

Shewmake is already starting to make an impact on students at Bowie High School, they have already started to form their good opinions and thoughts on her.

“I like her because she goes around from table to table asking if we need help and it’s very helpful,” said one of her students, Evan Torrez

Besides teaching, Mrs.Shewmake has hobbies and activities of her own that she enjoys doing outside of school.

“I am an avid runner and I tend to work out a few times a week, I am also known to spend my evenings watching Netflix while eating popcorn,” Shewmake said

Shewmake is definitely getting comfortable at Bowie and is starting to settle in.

“So far I am loving my experience at Bowie and hopefully it stays the same,” Shewmake said.