The annual fall shows


Starlight Theatre Company

STOMP: Senior Eric Larson and senior Gillian Griffis perform at the fall shows this past weekend. For the seniors, this is last time performing on the stage for the bowie production. “I don’t think anyone understands how devastated I am, this has been an amazing experience and moment in my life,” Larson said. Courtesy of Eric Larson

Shikha Patel, Online managing editor

Lights, camera, action! The music starts and the mic drops, that’s right, the fall shows are here! This past weekend, the James Bowie Starlight Theatre presented their 2019 Fall Shows, The American Experience. 

As for many seniors part of the theatre, this is one of their last time performing on the stage and their final fall show. Senior Eric Larson has received many  opportunities from being in theatre and is sad to leave the production. 

“I don’t think anyone understands how devastated I am, this has been an amazing experience and moment in my life,” Larson said. “I’ve gotten so many wonderful opportunities and the fact that it is my last shows really gets me sad. But I’m happy it all happened and I’m so thankful for everything I’ve gotten and I will miss the company so much when I leave.”

As seniors say their goodbyes, new opportunities are created for juniors and underclassmen. Junior Haley Pousson is participating in the performing process as her first time being an AD for a show. 

“My first time  being an AD for a director and having leadership in the preforming process has been so amazing,” Poussonn said. “My casts are so fun to work with!”

The cast has many long practices after school to pull off the final show. 

“It has been a very fun time, obviously there will always be stressful points in the rehearsal process but when we finally get on stage, somehow, it really comes together and we put on a fantastic show.” Larson said. 

Despite the stress behind the shows, rehearsals can be productive and fun. Poussonn’s character is a contribution to the fun times the theatre has had. 

“My favorite part of the show is when my character, Bradley, takes off his pants to save Major Powell from falling off a cliff!” Poussonn said. “ It’s such a goofy part we always have so much fun rehearsing it.”

Not only does the theatre serves as an opportunity for aspiring actors, directors and more, it provides a place to bond and make friends. 

“The cast is always the best part. Becoming closer to everyone involved, and building more friendships,” Poussonn said. “We are always proud of what we perform.”