Annual conference promotes awareness of dyslexia

Cade Spencer, Managing Editor

When many people think of October, they picture pumpkins, ghosts, and orange leaves. However, October is also Dyslexia Awareness Month. Therefore, every October, AISD makes a special effort to ensure that Dyslexia awareness is increased throughout the district. 

The 5th Annual AISD Central Texas Dyslexia Conference will be held on Saturday, October 19 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the AISD Performing Arts Center or 1500 Barbara Jordan Boulevard. 

As a free event for the whole community, the 2019 dyslexia conference is open to teachers, students, parents, and community advocates. Throughout the day, attendees can sign up for free sessions and seminars to learn how to improve the experience of a student with dyslexia in public school. 

For example, the keynote speaker, Don M. Winn, is renowned for his work in literature, radio, and as a dyslexia advocate. As an author with dyslexia, Winn focuses on publishing children’s books for young students who struggle with reading and writing skills. 

In addition to the keynote speaker, guest speakers include Kelly O’Mullan of the Dyslexia Center of Austin and Dr. Mike Brooks, an APA (Austin Psychology and Assessment) Center Director. 

One major goal of the conference is to promote access to training for academic language therapists in our community. The eventual goal is to have an academic language therapists at every AISD elementary campus, a tutor who can help students struggling in speaking, listening, and reading. 

Register here for the event or use this link to learn more about the wide selection of guest speakers.