Volleyball spikes again

Volleyball update for this season

October 4, 2019


Abbey Repka

Junior Maya Johnson set the ball at a volleyball game this season. Volleyball seasons serves as a great opportunity and experience for players.

Bump, serve, and pass! The volleyball season has started and this year there are higher standards, more competition, tougher practices, and increasing dedication. However, great things come out of this team sport including memories, records, and life long friends.

Junior Katherine Kastl plays on the junior varsity team. The opportunity to play has been a bonding experience for Kastl.

“Volleyball is going great, it’s a lot of fun playing with the team and developing a stronger bond with everyone,” Kastl said. “We’re 6-5 right now including pre-district games, and for just district games we’re 3-3.”

This year’s junior varsity team differs from past years in that many of the individuals on the team are younger.

“JV this year is different than last year because the team is young. Last year, JV was pretty split [between] juniors and sophomores, and this year there are 10 sophomores, three juniors, and one freshman,” Kastl said. “This year I feel that as a team we’ve connected really well off the court, and we’re all very close and enjoy being with each other.”

From the court to your classes, team sports like volleyball create lifelong friends.

“Volleyball has brought me so many new friends,” Kastl said. “I’ve become so much closer to the younger girls in the program, and it gives me an opportunity to develop my leadership skills.”

Junior Maya Johnson plays on the varsity team. Playing volleyball has opened many doors for Johnson.

“Volleyball season is going very well, we are really starting to come together as a team and develop who we are. we are currently 5-2 in district play,” Johnson said. “Being on varsity as a sophomore had helped me prepare for club volleyball [and] all of my coaches pushing me to be better has helped me get noticed by colleges and the recruiting process.”

The varsity team this year has been successful because the players have put in hard work in order to achieve their goals.

“I would say we have a very strong offense this year, we have been working on running a faster offense at the net and that has been successful for us,” Johnson said. “We have a strong defense, front and back row. with the defense being strong it creates opportunities for scoring.”

Freshman Sophia Pelz, as well as other new incomers, play on the freshman team.

“We’ve had a really good season so far,” Pelz said. “Our freshman A team is really fun. The team is mostly people I played with last year, so it’s really cool to get to play with them again.”

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