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Mo Orr
Hello! My name is Mo Orr, and I am the 2018-19 Online Editor-In-Chief! My main focus this year is to continue to manage our website and earn as many awards as we can earn, ‘cause we deserve it! Personally, I enjoy changin’ my hair to all sorts of different colors, so far I’ve had it red, pink, pink with orange tips, and a blue-green color! I edit video and audio as a hobby, and I enjoy writing and drawing. In my future, I hope to publish a book, and would love to publish a webcomic. I play D&D with my friends whenever I’m free, and am currently in 4 campaigns. I am currently in Ready Set Teach, a program at my school which allows me to assist a teacher at an elementary school for 2 class periods every Tuesday and Thursday! I really enjoy marine sciences, and hope to have a career studying or working with marine organisms. My dream is to swim with stingrays in the Caribbean, and it’s my favorite animal in the world!

Mo Orr, Online Editor-In-Chief

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