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Cianna Chairez
Hey! I’m Cianna Chairez and I’m one of two Editor-in-chiefs to the Dispatch. This is my third year on staff. Two years ago I was the Review editor, last year I was the News editor and now I’m co-EIC and I design the front page. I’m also a content editor in yearbook, a PAL, and a manager for the varsity baseball team. I have a weakness for caramel macchiatos, Nerds and Dylan O’Brien. In my nonexistent free time, I rewatch Criminal Minds for the seventeenth time or watch Shane and Ryan on Buzzfeed Unsolved. I’m excited for this year because I want to bring new elements to old concepts. I have visions to expand our coverage and localize it, push the boundaries on our design, and improve our overall writing. Coming into this position, along with other top editors, I’ve attended many journalism conventions that have provided me with great ideas on how to run this paper. I’m ready for the responsibility of the paper and I can’t wait to get started.

Cianna Chairez, Editor-In-Chief

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