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The Dispatch Podcast: Mr. Bulldog 2020

The Dispatch Podcast: Mr. Bulldog 2020

Austin Civatte, Podcast Host

February 22, 2020

In episode 25, senior and 2020's Mr. Bulldog Eric Larson sits down to talk about what the annual competition means to him, his feelings on winning, and the process of perfecting his talent for the judges. ...

The Dispatch Podcast: Junior Tayah Savoy Bops to The Top [S2E12]

STRIKING A POSE: Junior Tayah Savoy perofrms as

Austin Civatte, Podcast Host

February 10, 2020

In episode 24, junior Tayah Savoy discusses her heavy involvement with the Bowie dance department, including student teaching one of the dance classes, and choreographing many numbers for both the Bowie musicals and the Musical Theatre class. Hosted by junior Austin Civatte ...

The Dispatch Podcast: Big Fish [S2E11]

BE THE HERO: [left to right] Big Fish cast members junior Rohith Chindalore , freshman Gabe Watts, junior Austin Civatte, freshman Javier Lozano, 6th grader Jacob Larson, and junior Jaden Davis strike a final pose after the opening number.

Austin Civatte, Podcast Host

January 30, 2020

Read more about Big Fish here! In episode 23, juniors Rohith Chindalore and Aiden Garcia discuss their roles in Bowie's 2020 Musical, "Big Fish." Based on the 2003 film directed by Tim Burton, Big Fish is a magical story about a son reconnecting with his father near his death, and uncovering his re...

The Dispatch Podcast: 28 Days in Disneyland [S2E10]

FAMILY VALUES: sophomore Lindsay Dahl [left] poses with her parents [center] and senior Ashlyn Dahl [right]. Going to Disneyland is a staple of their family traditions.

Image courtesy of Lindsay Dahl

Austin Civatte, Podcast Host

December 6, 2019

In episode 22, podcast host junior Austin Civatte sits down with sophomore Lindsay Dahl to discuss her and her family's longstanding and repeated tradition of attending Disney Land every chance they get. They talk Disney conspiracies, favorite attractions, and pro-tips for future attendees. ...

The Dispatch Podcast: Viral Magician Zack Ladden [S2E9]

SHUFFLING THE CARDS: Sophomore Zack Ladden begins to preform a magic trick. Ladden has recently has become popular on social media with his card and coin performances.

Austin Civatte, Podcast Host

November 22, 2019

Read the newspaper story on this topic here! In episode 21, podcast host Austin Civatte sits down with sophomore and viral magician Zack Ladden to discuss his recent fame, and how his odd hobby came to be. You can follow Ladden on Instagram to see his tricks up close: @zackladden ...

The Dispatch Podcast: Football Season 2019 [S2E8]

HARD AT WORK: The varsity football tam runs on to the field to begin a game. Photo by Peter Dang

Austin Civatte, Dispatch Reporter

November 15, 2019

In episode 20, podcast host Austin Civatte sits down with junior and varsity football player Blake Guerra to discuss the highs, lows, and special moments in between this years football season.  *DISCLAIMER* New audio equipment and upgraded facilities have lead to some unforeseen audio glitches du...

The Dispatch Podcast: Cabaret [S2E7]

DROP THE MIC: At the cabaret show this weekend, students from the choir displayed the show that they have been working on for weeks.

Austin Civatte, Reporter

November 15, 2019

In episode 19, podcast host Austin Civatte sits down with senior and student cabaret director Anika Scoma, to discuss the start to finish process of directing the annual choir spectacle. To read the story about this years cabaret show click here! ...

The Dispatch Podcast: Homecoming 2019 [S2E6]

BULLDOG PRIDE: Homecoming king and queen Jaden Yakerson and Alyssa Magallanez [center] pose with Principal Mark Robinson [right]

Austin Civatte, Dispatch Reporter

November 1, 2019

In episode 18, podcast host Austin Civatte sits down with seniors and student council members James Hayek and Cole Vavasour to discuss all the behind the scenes with how they planned and put together Bowie's 2019 Homecoming Dance. ...

The Dispatch Podcast: junior jumpstarts singing career [S2E5]

LAUGHING OUT LOUD: Junior Alina Watson discusses her new album with podcast host, junior Austin Civatte.

Austin Civatte, Reporter

October 11, 2019

In episode 17, host Austin Civatte sits down with junior Alina Watson to discuss her ambitious long-standing project: recording her own album, full of original music. ...

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