Mission trip to Samoa

Eleanor Coulston, Online Managing Editor

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This summer, junior Jessica Merrill will be spending a three and half weeks in Samoa. This being her first humanitarian trip she will ever be taking. The 19 hour flight to the country of Samoa will be an opportunity to help the community.

“I decided to go because my sister went with the same organization last year and it seems like such an amazing opportunity to bless those in need,” Merrill said.  

The two islands are about 1,000 miles long with only about 200,000 people living there, and it is still famous for its music, dance, art and people.

“I’m most excited to meet all the beautiful people in Samoa,” Merrill said.  “I’ve watched so many travel videos of groups who have gone before me and the little kids we get to meet are adorable and I’m so excited to help their community.”

Samoa is known for its beautiful beaches and water holes that are around the islands.

“In Samoa we go sightseeing for about a week and we’re going snorkeling and cliff jumping and going on some really amazing hikes,” Merrill said.

There will be many things to do in Samoa, especially when helping the community be a better place.

“We’re staying in huts on the beach called Thales which are gorgeous and then we’re gonna be doing a lot of construction work as we build schools and hospitals and community centers,” Merrill said.  

There are many things great about Samoa, but it’s not all picture perfect.

“The thing I’m least excited for would probably be all the hard labor we’re doing because we’ll be laying foundations for schools and hospitals so it will be a lot of cement pouring and trench digging which can be super tiring but I’m still excited to learn all about it,” Merrill said.

Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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