Is graduating early worth it

Katie Holme, Staff Writer

High school normally consists of four academic years, but Bowie offers early graduation to students who have the required credits. Early graduation is possible, but it takes an extreme amount of time and effort, more than the average everyday student. In order to graduate high school students must have a total of 26 credits and certain amounts of credit hours in each subject.

Although there are many stressful consequences that come with graduating early, it is right for some students. Most of the students I personally know who graduate early just want to get out of the house and be on their own. Others are driven to join the workforce or start their college career sooner. Now, who wants another year of highschool? No one wants to suffer senioritis. On rare occasions, school is not challenging enough to certain students and graduating early fulfills the eagerness to go above and beyond. Sometimes, if managed, this adult responsibility is good for some students.  

Graduating early isn’t for everyone and is a titanic challenge. There are many cons to graduating earlier than the average 4 years. One of the most major disadvantages is the amount of time and energy that must be put forward in order to obtain a diploma early on. Many students don’t have time to enjoy activities or hobbies outside of school. Instead these students slave away in extra classes instead of enjoying extracurriculars.

Although leaving high school in the past sooner than later sounds like a dream, does that mean growing up too fast? Many things contribute to this issue whether it be adjustment issues to losing crucial years of just being a teenager. Senior year (as they say) is supposed to be the best year of high school, where you are on the top of the totem pole. Skipping over this chapter of life may be regretted in the future.

Taking on such heavy responsibilities can be a tolling task that is hard to adjust to. Starting a new path can be scary for most, and rushing into the future can be overwhelming. Adjusting to the adult world at the age of 18 or 19 is very hard but adjusting to this environment a year earlier can be even harder. The statement “you are on your own now” is terrifying and essentially is what comes sooner by early graduation.

As you can see, there are more cons to graduating early than pros, and taking on the responsibility of an adult around the age of 17 is exceedingly taxing. I believe that within a single year of highschool there is a fair amount of crucial developing that contributes to a person’s character. Early graduation isn’t for most and to me seems mentally unhealthy, but it is a good option to the small group of ambitious students.

Photo by: Kaitlyn Zellner